Volunteer Management 

This information is for Board, VPs, Asst. VPs and Directors who will be recruiting, onboarding, or releasing volunteers for their team. As in any organization, bringing on new staff requires system changes, record keeping and supply ordering.  It is important to follow our defined and approved process steps so that all volunteers are welcomed, tracked, supported and recognized.

Find the link to nominating a Volunteer of the Month here.

Be sure you understand the process

Many of these steps must be completed BEFORE any training, transition or sharing of e-mails etc. Please read this carefully and follow every step.

Only Directors, Asst. VPs and VP/Board members may hire volunteers.  Asst. Directors, Managers and other volunteers do not have the authority or system access to do so.

VBM benefits condensedVolunteer Benefits Matrix is the guide to approved titles, reporting structure, requirements and benefits for Chapter volunteers.  For example, all volunteers at the Asst. Director level and above must be Chapter members in good standing.

Volunteer Management Process Flow

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If you have any questions, please contact the Director of Volunteer Management.

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