Current Volunteer Opportunities

Are you interested in becoming a PMI Portland Chapter volunteer? Be sure to visit the Volunteer FAQs web page for complete information about volunteering at PMI Portland Chapter, and about the VRMS system at PMI Global. See the Chapter Leadership page for an overview of the entire Chapter organization, portfolios and teams.

To apply for any of the volunteer positions listed below:

  1. Click the "Go to VRMS" link for to the position you are interested in.
  2. You will be taken to the web site, where you must log in to the VRMS system. 
    • Chapter Members, log in with your PMI Global username and password. 
    • Non-Members, you may create a username and password the first time you visit the VRMS system.
  3. Enter the Search term listed for the position below.
  4. Or, to look at all positions, select Portland Chapter under Communities
  5. Click "Search"

For any questions regarding the position, please email the contact person listed in the Job Description, or the Director of Volunteer Management.  

Chapter Volunteer Positions

Assistant VP of Marketing Communications


The Asst. VP of Communications manages the design and delivery of PMI-Portland Chapter communications services and publications. The Asst. VP of Communication works very closely with Asst. VP of Marketing and Sponsorship and other portfolios to serves as a communications hub between Members and the Chapter.    Details.

Go to VRMS for details and to apply.  Use Search term 20988.  


Director of Acamedic Outreach


This position manages the chapter’s educational outreach activities and communications with primary and secondary educational entities; most noteworthy are high school and college outreach programs and initiatives. The Director of Educational outreach builds relationships with the educational community, promotes the mission of the PMI Portland Chapter and serves as liaison between PMI Global, the PMI Portland Chapter and the community.    Details.

Go to VRMS for details and to apply.  Use Search term 21016. 


Assistant VP Finance


This volunteer position is intended to have designated monthly activities in addition to learning all financial portfolio responsibilities with the potential to be a stepping stone for the VP of Finance volunteer position.    Details.

Go to VRMS for details and to apply.  Use Search term 11658.  


Marketing Writer

Serves as an integral member of the Marketing team writing, editing, and proofing copy for various print materials and Chapter communications.    Details.

Go to VRMS for details and to apply.  Use Search term 13731.  


Assistant Director of Tech Support

The Assistant Director of Technology works under the Director of Technology to help maintain the technical aspects of the PMI Portland Chapter.    Details.

Go to VRMS for details and to apply.  Use Search term 11607.  


Web Admin

One of several positions that supports the mission and activities of the Chapter by managing and updating various technology tools, such as the website, database, forums, registration system, email systems, etc.  Interacts closely with portfolio leadership, staff, members, non-members.  Work in a dynamic, matrixed organization, under the direction of the Web Director, and under the umbrella of the VP of Operations.    Details.

Go to VRMS for details and to apply.  Use Search term 9155. 


Director of Website Content

For Chapter Marketing Activities and Annual Conference web presence, designs the Chapter website and other systems. Works in cooperation with the Conference Director and Conference Marketing team, and under the supervision of the Director of Marketing Distribution and Chapter webmaster.  Details.

Go to VRMS for details and to apply.  Use Search term 7308. 


Sponsor Programs Manager, Marketing Portfolio

The Sponsor Programs Manager works under the Director of Sponsor Programs to identify and recruit sponsors for Chapter meetings and other activities as needed for a specific geographical area or vertical market.  Details

Go to VRMS for details and to apply.  Use Search term 5881.


Videographer/Editor, Marketing Portfolio

Serves as an integral member of the Marketing team proving excellent video recording, editing, and project/event consultation. The videographer/editor will support the Chapter branding, Dinner meeting in occasion, Annual Conference, marketing events, and portfolio events. Details.

Go to VRMS for details and to apply.  Use Search term 7134.

What Happens Next?

Once you apply for a volunteer position, you will receive an email regarding the status of your application.

Come back regularly to update your volunteer profile and service history, and search for more opportunities.

You can search for opportunities to volunteer at our local PMI Portland Chapter or virtually worldwide.

See the Volunteering FAQs page for details.


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