Welcome New Volunteers

Below are some of our talented PMI Portland Chapter volunteers.  We'd love to feature you on this page!  If you are interested in joining this illustrious group, growing your skills and your network, see the Volunteer Opportunities web page.

Ted Dejony, Webmaster

Contact Ted at webmaster@pmi-portland.org   

Gary Marx, PMP, Assistant VP of Operations

Contact Gary at asst_vp_operations@pmi-portland.org   

Jason Pompel, PMP, Annual Conference Operations Lead

Contact Jason at operations_lead@pmi-portland.org   

Akilah Johnson, Annual Conference Sponsor Lead

Contact Akilah at sponsor_lead@pmi-portland.org    

Shannon Heizenrader, PMP, Assistant VP of Programs

Contact Shannon at asst_vp_programs@pmi-portland.org  

Yolanda Karp, CAPM, Annual Conference Marketing Communication Lead

Contact Yolanda at marketing_lead@pmi-portland.org  

Sandra Jannsen, Annual Conference Customer Experience Lead

Contact Sandra at customer_exp_lead@pmi-portland.org 

Jacob Zych, PMP, Annual Conference Registration Lead

Contact Jacob at registration_lead@pmi-portland.org 

Tim Booher, PMP, Annual Conference Speaker Lead

Contact Tim at speaker_lead@pmi-portland.org  

Kenisha Corban, Annual Conference Volunteer Management Lead

Contact Kenisha at volunteer_lead@pmi-portland.org  

Omar Ordonez, PMP, Assistant Director of Mentoring

Contact Omar at asst_mentoring@pmi-portland.org  

Abdullah Mansoor, PMP, PgMP, Assistant Director of Workshops

Contact Abdullah at asst_dir_workshops@pmi-portland.org  

Melody Fisher, PMP, PMI-ACP, Director of PMP Certification

Contact Melody at pmp_certification@pmi-portland.org  

Sarah Foote, Assistant Director of Annual Conference

Contact Sarah at asst_annual_conf@pmi-portland.org 

Wes Morgan, PMP, Assistant VP of Professional Development

morgan wesWes’s goal is positive social impact by increasing people’s capability and collaboration across academia,
government, business and nonprofit realms. His experience comes from project-based work using
influence rather than direct authority. He has built high-tech facilities, transformed organizations, added
cross-functional value, increased productivity, and changed mindsets. One constant is that problems are
not solved by money. Problems are solved by people. People are our community’s greatest asset. So,
Wes focuses on maximizing ROI – return on investment – in human capital.
Wes is a lifelong learner and relationship-builder. He gathers ideas and perspective by reading, asking
questions, listening, and observing. His formal education includes four university degrees – in applied
science, civil engineering, and business – from George Fox, OSU, Stanford, and Yale. His favorite way to
learn is by doing. One way to “do” just about anything effectively, is via projects. He is particularly drawn
to projects that partner social impact with coaching, practically developing both hard and human skills.
He is a big fan of community consulting projects at ODN, Lean Portland, and OpenIDEO.
Wes is delighted to support the VP of Professional Development in providing vision and continuity for
PMI Portland’s professional development portfolio – the team that organizes and leads educational
efforts, including certification, workshops, and mentoring.

Contact Wes at asst_vp_prof_devel@pmi-portland.org` 

Joe Tobias, Assistant Military Liaison

Contact Joe at asst_military_liaison@pmi-portland.org` 

Paul Mai, MBA, PMP, Director of Newsletters

mai paulPaul has over 15 years of mid-level to senior-level project/product management experiences working at LaCie Limited and Seagate Technology in collaborating with teams and accountable for meeting project’s goals, roadmaps, budgets, schedules, scopes, resources, compliance, quality, and close-out or complete end-of-life cycle. His experience includes software and hardware development, implementation, maintenance of large-scale projects, systems, and enterprise solutions on global projects and multinational environments.

In the past, he served as Chair and President for the Asian Youth Leadership Conference from 2004 to 2010. The non-profit organization’s mission is to help Asian American youth rise above the obstacles before them and achieve their potential by promoting education, instilling self-confidence, and developing leadership skills. Click here to see his AAYLC bio.

He has been a member of the PMI Portland Chapter since 2016 and received his MBA degree at Concordia University Portland in June 2018 and PMP certification (# 2240117) on August 23, 2018. Paul believes in giving back to the community and marks his return to volunteer service with the PMI Portland Chapter.

Contact Paul at newsletter@pmi-portland.org 

Saied Hajarizadeh, PMP, Director of Distribution

Contact Saied at distribution@pmi-portland.org 

Yolanda Karp, CAPM, Director of Social Media

Contact Yolanda at socialmedia@pmi-portland.org 

Kelley Duron, VP of Marketing

duron kelleyKelley Duron brings more than two decades’ experience managing projects for diverse industries including publishing, utilities, and education to the Marketing team. She has a deep background in communications and enjoys helping organizations “translate” broad, complex strategies and objectives into actionable tasks that employees and other stakeholders easily understand and buy into.

Kelley has led several multi-million-dollar Federal education grants, worked with local political campaigns and non-profits, and played critical roles in system updates and customer service improvement processes. She loves fiction writing, walking her dog, Jagger, and reliving her childhood through her two young grandkids.

Contact Kelley at vp_marketing@pmi-portland.org 

Stephen Fellin, PMP, Director of Registration

Contact Stephen at registration@pmi-portland.org 

Goke Owojori, PMP, Annual Conference Venue Lead

owojori gokeGoke has 16 years of Banking experience where he worked in various roles as HR officer, Retail operations manager and Branch manager. His ability to motivate  and organize teams earned him a successful career in Retail Banking. He holds a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology from Obafemi Awolowo University Ile-Ife Nigeria, MBA from Lagos State University Nigeria, Retail Banking Academy1&2 -UK, and PMP certified. He is a passionate advocate of excellent customer experience in the service industry he worked for since 2001. He has team building and networking skills as well as experience in talent sourcing. Goke is excited about the new role,ready to support and work with PMI-Portland chapter team. He enjoys playing Chess, Ping-Pong and swimming.

Contact Goke at venue_lead@pmi-portland.org

Jennifer Whybra-Ucar, PMP, Assistant VP of Outreach

Contact Jennifer at asst_vp_outreach@pmi-portland.org 

Julie Chu, PMP, Director of Volunteers

Contact Julie at volunteer@pmi-portland.org 

Kathryn Rosson, PMP, Assistant VP of Marketing

Contact Kathryn at asst_vp_marketing@pmi-portland.org 

Everett Steele, Social Media Manager

Contact Everett at socialmedia@pmi-portland.org 

Nitika Gupta, Director of Workshops

Contact Nitika at workshop@pmi-portland.org

Daniel Obi, PMP, Director of Events

Contact Daniel at events@pmi-portland.org 

Aabha Barve, Assistant Director of Quality

aabha barbeAabha is Assistant Director of Quality Control with PMI Portland Chapter. She moved to Portland in 2009, for her graduate studies in chemistry at Portland State University. After graduating with PhD, she worked at Intel Corp. as Process Engineer from 2015 to April 2018. At Intel, her focus was on module maintenance and process improvement. She also managed many process improvement related projects. She has received Lean Six Sigma Green Belt for process improvement from Intel Corp. In her spare time, she like to paint still life art, landscapes, seascapes etc.

Contact Aabha at asst_dir_quality@pmi-portland.org 



Rakesh Semenchalem, Assistant Director of Volunteer Recognition

semenchalam rakeshRakesh Semenchalam is dedicated to giving back to the community. As an electrical engineer, Rakesh has worked in the semi-conductor industry for over 15 years.Recently, he pursued his passion for project management and lean implementation by earning an MBA from Portland State University, and has performed supply chain and strategic sourcing roles in several fields. As a life-long learner, Rakesh is grateful for the opportunity to serve PMI locally.He looks forward to improving skills and meeting new people. Spare time finds Rakesh engaged in soccer: watching, playing, and coaching his daughter and son.

Contact Rakesh at asst_volunteer_recognition@pmi-portland.org 

Rupinderpreet Brar, Annual Conference Marketing Lead

Contact Rup at marketing_lead@pmi-portland.org

Vighnesh Umapathy, PMP, Director of Government Outreach

Contact Vighnesh at gov_outreach@pmi-portland.org

Kevin Murphy, PMP, Director of Sponsor Programs

Contact Kevin at sponsor_programs@pmi-portland.org


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