Coupon (Discount) Codes for Events

Coupon Codes (formerly known as "Discount Codes") give a registrant a reduced price when they register for an event.  The reduction can be either a fixed percentage or a fixed dollar amount.   

Why do we use Coupon Codes?

  • to give a discount to members of a particular organization
  • to allow certain volunteers reduced pricing
  • as a gift/raffle prize
  • for free attendance for speakers and sponsors

Requesters & Approvers  

  • Volunteers at the Director level and above may request Coupon Codes, after discussing with their supervisor (Board member) and receiving verbal approval.
  • An approval process is built into the online form -- the approver is the VP who is the owner of the event, as this impacts their budget.  
  • Only volunteers at the Asst. VP level and Board members may approve Coupon Codes.  See the approved Volunteer Benefit Matrix.

Coupon Code Process Info

The system calculates the registrants normal pricing based on (1) their membership status/group and (2) the date of registration (earlybird or late pricing).  After this price is determined, the Coupon Code discount is applied.   

Coupon Codes are enabled for specific events.  A timframe can also be set.  For example, "May Chapter meeting, but only during regular registration period (dates)".  


  1. We can limit the total number of uses overall, but not the number of uses per event (if used over several events/months).  
  2. If a coupon code is used during a Late Fee period, the Late Fee will still apply (even if the code is for 100% off).  
  3. We can enable for Group and/or Individual registration
  4. We can restrict to various groups - members, non-members, Board, etc... 


  1. The requester fills out the Google form (below).
  2. The requester receives a confirmation email with lnks to the original request.  Please be sure to save this for future reference, or if you need to edit your request.  
  3. The approver receieves an email that they have a request to approve.  Please follow the instructions very carefully so notifications are sent out.  If you do not approve the request, please continue and note that as well, instead of Approve.
  4. The requester (and the Web Team) are notified when the request is approved.  It is the requester's responsibility to follow up if the request has not been approved.  
  5. The Web Team will notify everyone when the Coupon Code is ready for use.  
>> Click here to fill out the Coupon Code Request Form (log in required)

>> Click here to see the results spreadsheet to view all Coupon Code requests.   You can see the status of requests and also the code that was setup.  

For questions contact Webmaster or VP of Operations.