Mentoring Program

See the PMI-Portland calendar item “Mentors and Mentees Wanted” for access to the applications. Applications open October and March each year.

Program Description

Mentoring is a professional relationship in which an experienced person (the mentor) assists another (the mentee, mentee or protégé) in developing specific skills and knowledge that will enhance the less-experienced person’s professional and personal growth. Thus, it is basically a learning and development partnership between someone with skills and expertise and someone who wants to learn.

Mentors should have a background in, and experience of, various management levels; at least five years’ project management experience; and current PMP certification. Both mentors and mentees are asked to identify their personal goals and provide information to assist in the pairing process. This information includes work experience, education, skills and strengths. All information is kept confidential.

The purpose of the PMI Portland Chapter Mentoring Program is to foster professional development and advancement in project management by connecting individual mentors and mentees beyond the immediate working environment.

Three Tracks

To reach a wider audience and make a bigger impact for the profession, we have created three levels of mentoring service; Basic Project Management career and problem-solving, PMO / Portfolio Management mentoring, and career guidance for Military Veterans in the project management profession.

The Basic Mentoring Program

Our basic mentoring program will continue its successful strategy to provide the following to mentees:

  • The ability to learn from experienced project managers.
  • An opportunity to reflect on the effects of personal attributes and behaviors on successful project management.
  • Aid in defining professional goals and using relevant methods to achieve them.
  • Access to an alternate line of communication (for personal and work issues).

And for mentors:

  • The ability to enhance leadership skills by sharing their knowledge and experience.
  • To act as guides and advisors.
  • To create an innovative environment for inexperienced project managers.
  • To build present and future alliances.

And to grow their reputation within and outside their community 

The PMO/Portfolio Management Mentoring Program

The PMO/Portfolio Mentoring Program is an advanced program for professional project managers that are ready to move into the Project Management Office or manage a portfolio of projects.  Mentees in this program must have at least 5 years of project management experience and are hoping to move into a PMO or Portfolio area of project management.  This program is intended to give advice and direction to those intending to move in that direction professionally.

The Military Veteran Mentoring Program

We have found an interesting new source of project managers and opportunities for retired veterans.  Since this program is designed for veterans, that will be a prerequisite for mentor and mentee participation in this area.  The plan is to give veterans who have received project management training in the military guidance in the business sector.

NOTE: The PMI Portland Chapter Mentoring Program does not provide (either as an entity or through its mentors):

  • Psychological counselling
  • Actual jobs or job referrals*

*This service is provided to Chapter members by the PMI Portland Chapter Jobs Forum.


Requirements for Mentors:

  • Complete and submit the mentor application
  • Background and experience in various levels of management
  • Minimum of five years’ experience as a Project Manager (current or retired)
  • Current PMP certification
  • PMO/Portfolio Mentors: 5 years of experience with the PMO or Portfolio management
  • Military Mentors: Military project management experience

Requirements for Mentees:

  • Complete and submit the mentee application
  • $25 application fee ($20 for members, $15 for Student Members)
  • PMO Mentee:  5 years of project management experience and desire to move into the PMO/Portfolio management
  • Military Mentee: Military background and a desire to move into the project management profession for the Veteran’s program

Requirements for ALL Program participants:

  • Commit to a minimum of six months’ mentoring partnership
  • Commit to meet on a regular basis – estimated at one half-hour per week minimum (Actual time spent is based on agreement between mentor and mentee.)
  • Participate in the mentoring program surveys
  • Notify the administration if there is any difficulty in goal-setting or mentoring progress

For additional information, please contact: