PDU Reporting

Professional Development Units (PDUs) are credits needed for renewal of the PMP and other PMI certifications. Attending PMI Portland Chapter events is an excellent way for credential holders to maintain their PMI certifications. One hour of instruction related to Technical Project Management, Leadership or Strategic and Business equates to one PDU.

The PDU listings on the PMI.org site are handled by our global organization and the Portland Chapter has no management or oversight to this. A number of older items are there by design, as this is the historical record of events. 

Based on the updated rules for PDU classifications, the Portland Chapter is not required to specifically list events that are 1 to 2 hours in length, which includes our  monthly Chapter meeting (educational and keynote are 1 PDU each) and Roundtable events (1 PDU each). Credential holders will report their own PDUs, see below.

Questions related to PDU reporting?  Visit the PDU Reporting Expert webpage.

PDU Reporting Overview

PMI Portland Chapter members PDU Reporting:

  • PMI Portland Chapter members who attend the Chapter meeting and get their badges scanned will get their PDU's reported automatically.
  • This generally is reported by the weekend following the meeting.
  • Current Chapter members - you can see the events you have registered for at PMI Portland Chapter–see instructions below.
  • Track your PDU's regularly on the  PMI GOC website.
  • Keep all paperwork and email confirmations for classes, PDUs, etc.

Non-members PDU Reporting:

  • PMI Portland Chapter will not submit or track PDUs for you. The only place to report PDU information is the PMI GOC website.
  • Report your PDUs online regularly.
  • Keep all paperwork and email confirmations for classes, PDUs, etc.
  • Be prepared to be audited!
  • Do not wait until the 11th hour to submit your PDUs.

PMI Talent Triangle (New!)

As of 12/1/2015 PMI has defined the Talent Triangle as three areas of focus for claiming PDUs:

  • Technical Project Management - Knowledge, skills and behaviors related to specific domains of Project, Program and Portfolio Management.
  • Leadership – Knowledge, skills and behaviours specific to leadership-oriented skills that help an organization achieve its business goals.
  • Strategic and Business Management – Knowledge of and expertise in the inducstr or organization that enhances performance and better delivers business outcomes.

Questions related to PDU reporting?   Visit the PDU Reporting Expert webpage.

How to see PMI Portland Chapter event registration information

Current Chapter members can see information on the events you've registered for at PMI Portland Chapter.  If you are a former member or non-member you cannot see this information.  For paid events, please be sure to always save your email confirmations as these are your receipts!  Since you do not register for Roundtables, please contact the Dir of Roundtables for this information.

  • Log in to the PMI Portland Chapter web site.
  • Choose My Registrations (top left).

How to Report 1-2 PDUs

Chapter Meeting, Educational Presentation and Roundtables are each worth one PDU. At this time CCRS will not allow multiple entries for the same day so it is important that you enter both PDUs if you attend both the educational presentation and the chapter meeting keynote.

  • Navigate to the PMI GOC PDU Reporting web page (current URL is https://ccrs.pmi.org/)
  • Log in with your PMI GOC username and password
  • Select Report PDUs from the menu
  • Under the Education heading, select Organization Meetings


  • Fill in the meeting or conference Information:
    • Organization/Host - You may type in PMI Portland and choose from the dropdown or simply enter C031
    • Title - List the title(s) of the presentations you attended
    • If you wish you may enter some description but it is optional
    • Enter the date started and completed
  • Enter the PDUs claimed within the Talent Triangle shown
    • Note: you can list more than one category. If the educational presentation is about technical project management enter 1 PDU under technical, If the keynote is about leadership enter 1 under leadership in whatever combination makes sense.  The Chapter will work to publish what category is appropriate for each presentation.


  • Confirm that all information is correct before clicking the check-box to accept the terms and conditions 
  • Click [Submit]

A detailed “Certificant User Guide” is available at the top of the right navigation bar under the “Additional Resources” heading.

How to Report 3+ PDUs

Review the “Certificant User Guide”.  It is located under the Handbooks and Guides menu selection on the CCRS page. 

Need Help?

If you have questions or would like additional information, please contact PMI Global Customer Care at customercare@pmi.org.

For questions about PMI Portland Chapter PDUs, please Visit the PDU Reporting Expert webpage.