Volunteering FAQs

The PMI Portland Chapter is a non-profit organization staffed completely by volunteer members just like you. All the benefits that we enjoy are made possible by volunteer members. We really appreciate your help!

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Why Volunteer?

Expand your network: Our surveys tell us that the #1 reason for joining the PMI Portland Chapter is our networking opportunities. With more than 1800 members, this is the best place to nurture professional relationships and connect with like-minded professionals in the Portland area. Chapter meetings, roundtables, education seminars, and volunteer opportunities not only provide valuable project management knowledge, they also put you in direct contact with fellow professionals who could refer you to your next job!

  • Jumpstart your resume: Whether you are new to the profession or between jobs, your work with the PMI Portland Chapter will add value to your resume. “Giving back” to your profession demonstrates your generosity, hard-working attitude, and moral character–characteristics that employers value.
  • Pass on your skills and knowledge: Many members find it extremely gratifying to pass on their skills, knowledge, and experience to new or less experienced project managers.
  • Learn from your peers: Participating in volunteer projects will keep your skills sharp and give you the chance to learn from your fellow project managers.

"While volunteering as VP of Marketing and Outreach, a fellow board member recommended me for my present job. The turbo-boosted professional relationship we have established through my volunteer position at the chapter made it simple to secure this high recommendation."   Joseph Marietta, former Chapter President and VP of Membership

These are just a few of the benefits of joining other great professionals and volunteering with the Chapter. And what’s more, it’s FUN! Stay competitive, teach, learn, and have a great time doing it–volunteer with the PMI Portland Chapter today!

How Much Time is Required?

Volunteer opportunities range from short-term commitments of a few hours to long-term team lead roles. For example, the volunteers at the registration tables before the Chapter meetings are on duty for a few hours, while members of the Board of Directors make a two-year-long commitment. The Chapter has many opportunities available. Whatever your skills or schedule, we’ll find a way to use your talents!

Can I Earn PDUs?

Yes! PMPs can obtain PDUs while volunteering. PMPs are responsible for reporting volunteer activities to PMI. For more information on obtaining PDUs through volunteering, please refer to the Project Management Institute PMP credentials handbook.

How Do I Get Started?

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Apply for open positions using VEP at pmi.org

PMI’s Volunteer Engagement Platform (VEP) is a searchable, centralized and integrated volunteer web application and database that is available to current and prospective volunteers. The VEP integrates with PMI’s membership database and improves the process and user experience for volunteers to interact with PMI. VEP is a great tool that lets you create a volunteer profile and search for opportunities that will enhance your leadership skills and build your professional network in addition to earning PDUs.  You can search for opportunities to volunteer at our local PMI Portland Chapter or virtually worldwide using VEP.

PMI Portland Chapter uses VEP to help our volunteers:

  • Maintain their volunteer profile and service history
  • Search for volunteer opportunities and apply

Both members and non-members can create their own login and password to use the VEP.

To enter VEP:

  • Chapter Members, log in with your PMI Global username and password. 
  • Non-Members, you may create a username and password the first time you visit the VEP system.
  • Review your volunteer profile and update your service history often!

To search for volunteer opportunities:

  1. Enter the Search term listed for the position listed on the Volunteer Opportunitites page.
  2. Or, to look at all positions, select Portland Chapter under Communities.
  3. Click "Search"

What happens next?

  • All of the applications are sent to the hiring manager (listed in the Job Description) who will contact the applicants and make a selection.
  • You will receive an e-mail from the VEP system saying whether or not you have been offered the job.
  • If you do get the offer, please click the 'Accept' button.
  • If you don't get the offer, please apply for other jobs.
  • Please be patient!  Although this may look like an automated process, it really isn't and it can take some time depending on the availability of the hiring manager and the Director of Volunteers.

Or, join our Volunteer Pool

If you would like to help out in an area that is not listed currently, or you have a different skill you would like to share, let us know. We might create an opportunity just for you! Send us your information to the Director of Volunteer Management.


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