Volunteer Management

Phase 5:  Release

1. Volunteer is MIA

  • Hiring Manager contacts volunteer.
  • Resignation?  Continue to Volunteer Resignation (Step 2).

2. Volunteer Resignation

  • Fill out the Volunteer Management form for all volunteers (for Release). *
  • If your Portfolio uses Trello, Slack or other apps, or if you use shared files in Google Drive, adjust access for your former volunteer.
  • TrackItForward (TIF) should be updated by Membership Portfolio.
  • Restart hiring process.  Go to Pre-recruitment (Phase 1).

3. Volunteer takes new role in same Portfolio

4. Volunteer takes new role in different Portfolio

  • Complete Volunteer Resignation (Step 2).
  • Hiring Manager from New Portfolio restarts hiring process, and goes to Pre-recruitment (Phase 1).

VM phase 5

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