Volunteer Management

Phase 3:  Engagement

1. Onboarding (Volunteer Management Form)

  • Fill out the Volunteer Management form for all volunteers (regardless of volunteer role, whether they have another position already, etc). *
  • This form will instruct you how to create a TrackItForward account for all new volunteers.
  • You will need to know the VRMS number for each open positon.  Use 99999 for Inter-Portfolio transfers ad 2016 Annual Conference.  
  • This form will send notifications as needed in order for your volunteer to be set up in our systems, depending upon their role.

2. Orientation/Training

  • Send a welcome email to the Board and your team after steps above are complete.  (PLEASE BCC the recipients so that any "reply all" will not spam the entire group).
  • If your Portfolio uses DropBox or Trello or Slack, or if you use shared files in Google Drive, set these up for your new volunteer.
  • Use the Volunteer Orientation Checklist to be sure your new volunteer has all the information and tools needed in order to be successful.  (TBD: A new orientation process in development.)

VM phase3

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* Click here to view the DB of all VM Form submissions.