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Chapter President Titu Hariharan, PMP, CSM

Finally, there is a bit more light each morning and evening as spring nears. I look forward to the lengthening of days as, though an illusion, there seems to be so much more time with added daylight. 

And, time is what we need at our PMI Portland Chapter, with activities ramping up. Our team of volunteers is working hard to continue to create ever greater value for your membership dues. We’re excited this month to kick off the vast efforts that will culminate in our Annual Conference on Friday, September 20, 2019, held again this year at the Oregon Convention Center.

Mar2019 IMG Presidents LetterOur Annual Conference theme for 2019 is A Focus on TIME: Talent, Inspiration, Motivation and Emotional intelligence. These ideas well represent what we, as project management professionals, must master to effectively accomplish the many complex assignments we juggle. Sandra Koelle, our Annual Conference Director for 2019, has assembled a great group of skilled and enthusiastic folks to find speakers, craft communications, work with vendors on logistics, and the countless other details behind the scenes that we don’t see.

Watch our newsletter - as well as our other communications platforms (including a Tuesday eblast dedicated to the conference) - for more details. Meanwhile, mark your calendars now for an exceptional day of learning, networking and focusing your time on You!

“Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.” - John F. Kennedy


Titu Hariharan
President, PMI Portland Chapter



Annual Conference Prep Launched

The 2019 PMI Portland Chapter Annual Conference is set for Friday, September 20, 2019 at the Oregon Convention Center. This year’s conference theme focuses on TIME: Talent, Inspiration, Motivation and Emotional intelligence. In the coming months, we’ll feature stories highlighting these elements that play a critical role in any project management professional success. Our March edition covers, naturally, Time. Get ready for a great run up to an exceptional conference!


Managing Projects Across Time Zones

By: Reni Towns, PMP

Mar2019 IMG Time Zones

Experienced project managers are expected to lead complex initiatives and diverse teams. That often involves working with team members in different locations across the country or even the globe. While technology can help co-located teams collaborate, there are also some tried-and-true techniques that should be considered and implemented.

When a team first forms, it can be helpful to create a roster that includes details around location, time zone and working hours for each colleague. This information can be shared and discussed so it is very clear who is working where and when, and how to best stay in contact. Project managers should design a governance process so that critical meetings are scheduled during hours when most team members are available. Some examples of governance include leadership updates, status meetings and project health reporting.

Expectations can also be established around when it is appropriate to contact individuals outside of working hours and their preferred method of contact, such as a phone call or a text. Finally, a team calendar can be created for everyone to view and update; some locales may have different holiday and time off schedules, so it’s important no one assume it is the same for the entire team.

From a technical perspective, there are many tools project managers can use with their teams when they are unable to stop by their desk and request a status update. Many organizations have a company approved chat tool, such as Slack or Skype, that can be used to setup team forums to stay connected and share information in real time.

Teams may need to rely on conference calls but can also leverage meeting facilitation tools to display materials via screen sharing, like Skype or WebEx. Additionally, documentation repositories, such as Google Drive or SharePoint, can be setup to ensure everyone has access to view and update shared project artifacts.

While technology such as video-conferencing can be a fun way for teams to bond and collaborate, don’t underestimate the power of a face-to-face get-together. If the budget allows and the business sponsors approve, consider an in-person kick off meeting. It can be an efficient way to share information and ensure everyone is engaged in the project while providing valuable networking and social opportunities for team members.

Another option could be establishing an in-person working session at a critical point in the project where having everyone in a room together could expedite progress. A team dinner can also go a long way, to recognize the group’s efforts and to celebrate success.

Project managers should consider many different strategies for keeping teams working in multiple time zones connected. While it may be tempting to rely on the latest gadgets to coordinate teamwork through technology, strong communication skills and governance can ensure a project’s success. 


Board Opportunities—Are you up for the challenge?

By: Titu Hariharan, PMP, CSM

Mar2019 IMG Board OpportunitiesIt’s the time of year when the PMI Portland Chapter starts preparing for our next elections. The Chapter holds elections every May. It’s a time for a new group of leaders to take on Board positions and a time to thank the members completing their terms. The President-Elect manages this process until the new Board is on board in June.

If you are thinking of taking on a Board position, please consider the reasons why you want to volunteer. The Board positions are among the most challenging volunteer roles in the Chapter. Not only do you have to motivate your portfolio volunteers but, in some cases, you have to roll up your sleeves and be ready to step in to keep the wheels rolling.

When considering a Board position, there are a number of reasons why you should volunteer:

● Helping Others
● Making a difference
● Connecting with your community
● Giving back to the Project Management community

What type of leader are you and how will you motivate your team? Does your leadership style match the requirements for the role? Do you know the expectations of the position? Can you make the time commitment necessary for the role?

The best Board members follow the PMI code of ethics. They are trustworthy, respect their peers, fair, and keep their commitments. Benefits you receive as a Board member include:

● Gaining invaluable leadership experience.
● Expanding your professional network in the PMI community and the region.
● Demonstrating your leadership expertise to your employer, clients, and/or co-workers.
● Giving back to your Chapter and your community.
● Earning required certification PDUs through volunteer hours.
● Receiving reduced pricing to Chapter meetings and the Annual Conference.
● Receiving reduced pricing or free attendance to the Chapter’s excellent workshops and seminars (subject to space, Chapter funds, and executive committee review).

Board positions include; President-Elect, VP of Marketing, VP of Membership, VP of Outreach, VP of Programs, VP of Professional Development, and Secretary.

We follow PMI’s Volunteer Relationship Management System (VRMS) for publishing the new Board positions and nominations which requires submitting your application via VRMS ( If you would like to get more information, you may call me at 360-608-7697, drop me a line at, or reach the President-Elect at


PMI Portland Chapter Volunteer Positions

The Portland Chapter needs you! Volunteering for the Chapter provides network opportunities. Volunteering also presents opportunities to hone existing skills, try new skills, experiment with tasks you may have never thought to do before.

Volunteers are managed through the PMI Volunteer Relationship Management System (VRMS) portal. To search and find an opportunity of interest, you must log in to your PMI account. Once logged on, go to the URL below;

On the VRMS webpage, find the ‘Where would you like to volunteer?’ drop-down menu and select ‘United States. Under the “Chapters/Global Headquarters/GHQ” drop-down menu, select “Portland Chapter” and click on the “Search” button. See image below for details.

Mar2019 IMG VRMS Volunteer

A list of current volunteer opportunities will appear. After applying for an open position, the application is forwarded to the approving Vice President or Assistant Vice President for review. If selected, you will receive an acceptance offer and details from the Director of Volunteers, currently Julie Chu. 

Volunteer positions:
Sponsor Programs Manager # 5881
Assistant Director of Tech Support # 11607
Assistant VP of Finance # 11658
Asst. VP of Marketing Communications # 20988
Marketing Writer # 13731
Director of Academic Outreach # 21016
Director of Special Events # 16119
Web Admin # 9155


Agile/Adaptive Management Outside of Software?

By: Alicia L. Lanier, PE, CWRE, M.ASCE

Mar2019 IMG Agile Adaptive MgmtAn interdisciplinary environmental scientific research team has been successfully using agile/adaptive management principles for the past 6 years on a highly complex project, the South Florida Water, Sustainability, and Climate Project. I coached a team, led by Mike Sukop, a professor at Florida International University in using these project management principles.

The journal article recently published in Environmental Management, “Facilitating Integration in Interdisciplinary Research: Lessons from a South Florida Water, Sustainability, and Climate Project,” focuses on the lessons learned about the management approach used during the project with respect to the following:

● Team composition and leadership
● Process and structure to facilitate collaboration
● Integration within the scientific framework 

Agile and adaptive management principles were incorporated by prioritizing people over process. This was accomplished by selecting a light-weight management structure that allowed creativity to flow across the disciplines, conducting frequent retrospectives and adapting the management process based on feedback. Additionally, collaboration activities were incorporated during face-to-face meetings to ensure all voices were heard, which supported self-organization, personal empowerment and commitment.

You can read the freely available article on Alicia's website, or download the final journal article from the publisher.

Have Knowledge to Share?

Submit an article -- or share an idea -- by sending an email to Director of Content Marketing.  


Chapter Meetings

“Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow.” – Anthony J. D'Angelo

Join us for our monthly Chapter meetings, open to non-members and members alike. Enjoy an evening of learning with exciting topics, networking with others, and a keynote presentation with a wonderful dinner served at your table. And yes, dessert is included! Click on the dates below to find out more and register.

March 19, 2019

Education Presentation – "Personal Time Management - Maximizing Your Effectiveness at the Office… So You Can Maximize Your Time at Home."  Presented by Erik Gradine.
Do more with less is the mantra on the day, making finding a work/life balance all but impossible. Explore the biggest causes of lost productivity at work and simple, but effective, ways to overcome them. Discover ways as a Project Leader you can set a Rock Star example for your teams and improve their efficiency while being labeled a Magician by your peers for all the work you get done during without putting in extra hours and losing your mind!.

Keynote Presentation – “Conversational Ballgames: How You Speak and Listen Unknowingly Impacts Project Teams.”  Presented by Shelly Ridder.
Everyone knows that good communication on project teams drives results. What they don't realize is how “cultural layering” impacts the way they think communication should happen. Most overlook that culture includes not only country and language, but also region, family, gender, age, and conversational style.

This interactive presentation addresses four “conversational ballgames” that determine the “game style” people use to speak and listen, as well as the “rules of the game” they unknowingly apply when interacting with others. The discussion will illuminate how differing games can impact assumptions that result in conflict. In turn, it can undermine the success of project teams, particularly those with other cross-cultural factors.



Workshop – “Illuminating the Impact of Culture and Language on Project Teams To Enable You To Build Trust and Reach Your Goals." Presented by Shelly Ridder, Trainer and Coach.
Friday, April 19, 2019, from 8:30 am - 5:00 pm at the Portland World Trade Center located 25 SW Salmon, Portland, OR, 97204. Early Bird discount for registrations by 2/28/2019. Late Fee for registrations after 4/13/2019. Click here to find out more.

Workshop – “The Science of Persuasion, Influence and Negotiation for Project Managers: Improve your ability to communicate and obtain your needs in the world." Presented by Martin Medeiros.
Friday, June 21, 2019, from 8:30 am - 5:00 pm at the 2WTC Building, Portland World Trade Center located 25 SW Salmon, Portland, OR, 97204. Early Bird discount for registrations by 4/30/2019. Late Fee for registrations after 6/12/2019. Click here to find out more.


Certification Classes

The PMI Portland Chapter offers certification prep courses for project leaders ready to become Project Management Professionals (PMP), individuals looking to establish credibility in the application of project management processes as a Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM), and Agile professionals looking for formal recognition with the PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP) credential.

PMP/CAPM 4-Day Exam Prep Bootcamp
Monday-Thursday, July 15-18, 2019, from 7:00 am - 5:30 pm. Prepare for PMP or CAPM certification through the Portland Chapter of the Project Management Institute. Click here to find out more.



PMI hosts various roundtables across the metro area. Roundtables are a great way to get connect, earn PDUs and guidance on project issues from fellow PMs. Click here  to learn more about roundtables and find the one closest you.


Other Events

INTERFACE+Cloud: Portland 2019: Network with other IT professionals
Tuesday, March 26, 2019, Interface + Cloud will be coming to Portland at the Oregon Convention Center. Find a combination of Best-in-Breed hardware and software solutions, along with local experts and organizations to help educate, advise and connect you to resources that can help you meet your goals. Free Admissions to PMI Portland Chapter members includes lunch and hosted afternoon reception. Click here to register.

PMI Portland Chapter is seeking volunteers for the PMI table at the event. Members can sign up for available time slots from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM. For questions regarding volunteering contact Vighnesh Umapathy at For information more regarding INTERFACE+Cloud: Portland 2019 please visit


Chapter Event Calendar 


Invitation to Participate in a Research Survey

Will your project succeed if your project manager is not an authentic leader?
Active project managers are invited to participate in a research study about the relationship between authentic leadership and project success. The data will be collected via two brief surveys which should take approximately 15-30 minutes to complete. Survey information will be submitted anonymously and the results of the study will be available at its conclusion. If you have completed at least one project and can spend 15-30 minutes taking the surveys, please participate by visiting For technical issues with the survey, please contact Mind Garden at (650) 322-6300.

Volunteers Wanted for a Research Study

Challenges in Information Technology Project Risk Management
Are you, or is someone you know, an information technology (IT) project manager with a PMP, PMP-ACP or CSM certification? Theresa Knox, PMP, PMP-ACP, CSM is conducting a research study about the challenges IT PMs face when using project risk management methodology to address risk in IT projects. Study participants will attend a one-hour interview and spend thirty minutes reviewing the transcript of the audio recording for accuracy. The interview will be conducted using tools like Zoom or Skype. The audio recorded during the interview will be used to compare and contrast against other interviews to identify common challenges faced by IT PMs when using project risk methodology. Participants will receive a copy of the interview transcript via email to review for accuracy.

The research will be overseen Dr. Mary Jane Willshire, a faculty mentor approved by Capella’s Institutional Review Board (IRB). If you'd like to participate or have any questions about the study, please email Theresa Knox at





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