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Payment for 2021-01 Leadership for Remote Work in Today’s New Virtual World - Non-Members

Natalie Steck, originally from Melbourne, Australia, and currently residing in Seattle, Washington, is the founder and CEO of Viewpath, a SaaS company specializing in project management. She is a natural leader and has navigated challenging roles in large and small firms focusing on sales, marketing, talent management, and leadership. Natalie loves people, public speaking, and problem-solving and is grateful for the opportunity to speak with PMI Portland.

As the COVID-19 crisis spread to a global pandemic, many businesses have shifted to a purely virtual landscape. This unprecedented transformation forced leaders to scramble and find solutions to the challenges in communicating with employees, keeping them engaged, and holding them accountable to ensure the business can continue as usual. In this webinar, she shares her experience, challenges, best practices, and helpful tips on leading virtual teams.

Attendees will leave with the following takeaways;

  • Effective communication
  • Employee engagement strategy
  • Change management practices
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