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Payment for 2022 Virtual Conference - The Changing Threat Landscape and How Organizations Need to Respond

Trey Blalock will provide the audience with a wide range of knowledge and tools to help them become more effective at managing security processes on large projects. He will also share insights into the damage incurred when key security processes are ignored during project development. He will empower those working with large supply chains or advanced security organizations to understand legal, compliance, security and threat-specific risks that can impact their organization.

Trey is a highly respected security specialist who has worked extensively in almost every security domain and for some of the largest corporations and governments in the world, and is a frequent guest on television and podcasts. Trey currently serves on several forensic, red-teaming and penetration-testing advisory boards, has recently served as the CISO for Coinstar and is currently the CISO of Cognira. 

Specializing in defending large-scale systems from advanced threat actors, Trey has trained thousands of people on advanced security topics, managed all aspects of security for one of the world's largest financial transaction hubs, performed hundreds of penetration tests for Fortune 500 companies, and has performed forensics for several high-profile cases such as "Donald Vance vs. Donald Rumsfeld." 

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