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Payment for 2022 Virtual Conference - PM Path Into Cybersecurity

This on-demand panel discussion is about the ways a project manager can get involved in the cybersecurity industry. Participants will learn the roles available for PMs in the industry, the ways to get into the industry, and some additional best practices that panelists have learned along the way. Panelists include Sheldon Philips, PMP, Matt Lee, CISSP, CSSP, CCSK, CFR, and Nathan Taylor.

Sheldon Philips, PMP Sheldon has over 40 years of experience as a technologist and project manager and volunteers as the PMI Portland’s Director of Mentoring. He has authored nine books on spreadsheet applications, has developed several applications that are used in the travel industry and in fleet management, is an expert at systems training (web-based or in-person), and is a professional management coach. Sheldon specializes in cybersecurity, compliance, pre-audit preparation, and IT infrastructure implementation, and is currently the Director of Cybersecurity & Compliance at Covenant Technology Solutions, Inc.

Matt Lee is a cybersecurity evangelist, white-hat hacker, and a noted speaker on cybersecurity issues.  He sits on the board of several Fortune 1000 companies and hosts a series of weekly podcasts around cybersecurity topics.  Matt has been a business owner and IT specialist for the past 17 years. Currently, he is the Senior Director of Security and Compliance at PAX8.

Nathan Taylor spends much of his time designing cloud architecture and security solutions for clients, leading engineering projects, and driving business outcomes leveraging technology.  He is very active in enabling cyber defensibility and is often asked to speak on the emerging cloud security technologies, and on the best practices in the outsourced IT industry. Nathan has over 20 year’s experience in the IT industry and is currently serving as the CTO of machineLOGIC.

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