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Payment for 2022-03 Combining Six Sigma and Project Management Best Practices - Non-Members

massey garth

Join us for our March Virtual Chapter Meeting where Crystal Fugere will talk about the SIPOC model, a cornerstone of the Six Sigma DMAIC methodology, when DMAIC is in the "Define" and "Measure" stages. Crystal is an experienced records analyst and workflow specialist with a demonstrated history of working in the utilities industry. Skilled in event planning, Microsoft software, public speaking, process development, records management, training, and research, she has  worked with Pacific Gas and Electric, ActOne Government Solutions, Bonneville Power Administration and Mill Plain Electric.

The SIPOC model offers a clear picture of the complete process and the follow-up steps, allowing teams to figure out how S [Suppliers], I [Inputs], and P [Process] are impacting O [Outputs] and C [Customer] needs. By providing a comprehensive overview of the process, it ensures that all stakeholders are on the same page.

The model enables process/project management teams to visualize, comprehend, and communicate effectively. With in-depth knowledge of the underlying causes of problems, organizations can develop practical strategies to improve processes. Opportunities for significant improvement are created by understanding the factors that are affecting customers.

The SIPOC model offers benefits in many ways, especially in dealing with challenges and solving problems within business processes. Enhanced problem-solving capabilities lead to more informed and improved process management.
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