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Payment for 2022-02 Developing High Performance Project Teams - Non-Members

massey garthCol. Garth Massey will speak on best practices regarding how to develop high performance project teams. As a temporary endeavor, project teams need to operate at a high level on day one. Many times project team members don’t know each other, come from different departments, companies, countries and diverse backgrounds. This makes it difficult for a team to reach their  “performance stage” in a short period of time. Col Massey is an expert in team development and will share his leadership tactics and best practices to help teams achieve high performance.

Colonel Garth Massey serves in the US Marine Reserves as an infantry officer. He has traveled the world with the military, and now professionally teaches leadership lessons that work in the corporate and civilian world. The Col’s programs are hands-on, imparting lessons that you can apply immediately. We learn through stories and when we try out ideas; get involved in your development and test your leadership. 
Col. Garth started working with companies that were looking to arm their sales and customer service teams to be better prepared in client meetings. But a strange thing started happening. As the workshops began, the company leadership that normally sits in the back and then quietly leaves, stayed. Managers and teams alike engaged in the workshop. They played the games, and they brought in their peers.
As his programs grew so did his audience. Working across industries from video games to space travel, and hospitals to construction, leadership is the common skill needed to shape and develop success. Leadership matters, never stop investing energy and resources in yourself, and your teams.
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