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Payment for 2021-02 Be Formless, Be Shapeless, Be Agile - Non-Members

In today's agile world, strategic plans should be well planned yet flexible enough to respond to change. Agile is all about having iterative cycles where we devise and execute, then take what we've learned and respond to change. This interactive session focuses on having an adaptable, solution-based approach and the importance of project leaders being cross-functional and well versed in numerous Lean-Agile principles, practices and frameworks. Examples include Scrum, XP, Kanban, and various scaling frameworks. You will learn through real-world case studies from IT and non-IT contexts to help your organization deliver maximum value. For more information watch this short video.

Niel Magsombol is an Agile Transformation Coach who has led Enterprise Agile Transformations in Global Fortune 100 Companies such as Caterpillar, Prudential, Pfizer, Boston Consulting & Fidelity. Known for his infectious energy and engaging humor, Niel has presented to diverse audiences at development conferences, colleges, sporting events and Fortune 500 Companies, on topics ranging from Agile Transformation to Leadership and Unlocking Human Potential. He is a John Maxwell Certified Leadership Trainer, Coach, Speaker & DISC Behavioral Analysis Trainer and will persuade organizations to deliver value in the most innovative and efficient ways possible.

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