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Payment for 2021-06 Presentation Skills for Project Managers - Non-Members

Strong public speaking skills are a key ingredient to success in any profession. But even for the most confident of communicators, it is a nerve-wracking and humbling experience. Nevertheless, an invitation to speak before any audience provides an excellent opportunity to promote organizational initiatives and your career. To maintain the confidence of your audience, you must learn to captivate and motivate through the power of delivering an impactful message while simultaneously leaving your trepidation at the door.

brown shakiraIn this presentation, Award-Winning Branding and Business Communication Strategist, Shakira M. Brown will reveal secrets behind creating a lasting impression as a presenter. Attend this presentation to acquire techniques for how to best convey ideas clearly and convincingly; and to win over an audience with a fresh confidence in which audiences listen and are inspired to take action.  Participants will be able to self-report 1 leadership PDU for attending.

Attendees will leave with the following takeaways:

  • Leverage the fundamentals of public speaking to become more confident and effective
  • Overcome fears holding you back from addressing any audience
  • Let your personality shine via speech, dress, gesture and body language for a lasting impression
  • Deliver your message with a new relaxed confidence and influence

Don’t miss your chance to loosen up. 

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