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Interested in upping your project management skills?  Join like-minded professionals throughout the region at the Project Management Institute (PMI) Westside Roundtable, held every 1st Thursday of the month at 7:30 AM at the Beaverton City Hall, Beaverton Building.

Each month, project-orientated individuals and project managers with interest and experience in a variety of fields meet to share knowledge, network and collaborate.  We run through the knowledge areas of the PMI Body of Knowledge so every session is a different topic.  The sessions encourage discussion on project management aspects in diverse industries such as construction, marketing, manufacturing, and government.  It is a great way to get involved in conversations about our area and expand your management abilities.  These knowledge-sharing sessions are free, as are the wonderful coffee and pastries from Bogza Coffee!

Roundtable facilitators from the PMI Portland Chapter, Maria Schaeffer and Travis Dutton, promote an atmosphere that is open, free-flowing, and fun.  Further details, please see website ,

In January, we will have a guest speaker, Tom Cox, who will share the results of his 14 years studying the phenomenon of extraordinary leadership – and his discovery of the Only Universal Truth of Leadership. Here’s a snapshot of his talk:

An extraordinary leader increases the performance of everyone around them.

We all love working for an extraordinary leader because they help us perform at OUR best.

What if every one of us was that kind of leader?

Sadly, nobody can tell you how to RELIABLY turn an ordinary person, like you or me, into an extraordinary leader like that.

Until now.

There is a truth – the Only Universal Truth of Leadership – that will astonish you with its simplicity, while it ignites your desire to put it to work for yourself.

This truth will change the way you lead, follow, support your peers, parent your children and engage with your community.


Join us!

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