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noun:  2. a meeting at which a group of people engage in intensive discussion and activity on a particular subject or project.

Workshops create a community facilitating professional growth through education.  PMI offers credential holders, both member and non-members, educational Professional Development Units (PDU's).  Our PMI PDX Chapter adds value to membership by regularly offering discounted educational Workshops.

Help our PMI PDX Workshops Director, Greg Hawkins, to better align the workshop offerings with the interests of the PMI PDX community.  His approach toward alignment is to craft broad categories of topical interest:  Basic PM, Advanced PM, Soft Skills, and the emergent Agile community. 

Our Chapter Workshop year began in September, for example, with an Advanced PM offering in 'Strategic Planning', followed by more Agile Technical Skills workshop in the area of 'Rapid Product Definition and Validation'.  This approach, suggesting four broad topic categories, is meant to stimulate your thinking.  The Workshops Director manages 5 to 8 professional development workshops for the PMI Portland Chapter each year.  We strongly desire your topic suggestions!

Keep an eye on the PMI PDX Events page for upcoming Workshops.  November offers a Soft Skill - 'Expand your Global Mindset' presented by Portland's own Line Mørkbak, who drew very positive reviews at our August Annual Conference event.

As we move into 2017, some workshop ideas touch on SCRUM (in the Agile community), Great Project Leadership (a Basic PM topic), and a hint of CMMI (Advanced PMs may have heard of this acronym).  Again, the PMI PDX Professional Development Volunteers are committed to soliciting your Workshop topic ideas, or the names of particularly effective and inspirational presenters.

Please drop a note to and share your thoughts.  What's topical in your bit of the PM world?

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