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Making the Magic Happen

Making the Magic Happen: Volunteering at the AC 

by Penelope Luedtke. Dir. of Volunteer Recognition 

Many PMPs attend the Annual Conference for PDUs, the continuing education credits for PMP certification. The Conference is an excellent opportunity to learn about new project management tools, develop skills in leadership and network with peers. 

But I don’t just attend the Annual Conference – I, and over forty other volunteers, make the Annual Conference happen.  Check out the list below.

Volunteering at the Annual Conference provides me three things: 

  1. Builds a stronger relationship with the Chapter 
  2. Gives me opportunities to learn 
  3. Gives me a feeling of accomplishment 

This is the way I see it: As a PMP, the stronger my relationship with the Chapter, the more I get out of it. The Chapter exists to provide services and value to its members. I’m part of a larger effort to add value to the Annual Conference and I appreciate the chance to be a part of it. The more connections and relationships I build within the Chapter, the more opportunity I have to relate my work and experience to the profession, the more I gain in knowledge and insight into being a better project manager. 

Being a volunteer at the Annual Conference doesn’t mean missing out on learning. I was able to attend the keynote speaker sessions, the breakout sessions and the panel events. I would say that maybe I was even more engaged seeing as how I had to be paying attention for when people needed the microphone! 

On the second day of the conference attendees participated in an “Open Meeting” session, something I’ve never participated in but I now realize its value. In the end, the feedback was very positive and I look forward to the Chapter holding more of these events in the future. 

The feeling of accomplishment in helping deliver a successful Annual Conference is one I would not get anywhere else. I’m proud of the event we put on (other PMI organizations pay vendors to run theirs) and the positive feedback the Chapter has heard so far. Of course there are always improvements the Chapter can make in holding its conference – but if this one was that good – doesn’t it make you look forward to next year? 

If you have an interest in volunteering during the 2017 Annual Conference, the Chapter is always looking for roles to fill. Put a little reminder on your calendar to check in for the volunteer call for 2017. You won’t regret it.

2016 Annual Conference Volunteers

Customer Experience Team

Hayli Hay

Melissa LaFrance

Tami Geiger

Leadership Team

Jean Richardson

Mark Saindon

Valerie D'Sa-Mayer

Marketing Team

Devdeep Aikath

Jimmy Godard

Jodi Weyrauch

Julie Gorham

Kaylan Adams

Layn Luedtke

Matt Hoffman

Sherry Morisch

Suzane Van Amburgh

Operations Team

Elizabeth Ray

Jani Hansen

Registration Team

Bette Clem

Brenda K. Hanke

Caesar Bernardo 

David Tripp

Don Zook

Hedy Wells

Jessica B Stacy

Kate Miller

Ken Aust

Pat Mullany

Penelope Luedtke

Shannon Heizenrader

Speakers Team

Christa Laden

Christine Brautigam

Dale Crane

Deanna Golden

Julie Danko

Linda Read

Matt Dwyer

Mike McGowan

Oksana Fusselman

Sheila Moore

Tony Fischer

Sponsors Team

Lokesh Aggarwal

Steering Committee

Saby Waraich

Stephen Wilks

Titu Hariharan

Volunteers Team

Guilherme Furlan