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Volunteer of the Month

Volunteers are the heart and soul of the Portland Chapter. Each year, volunteers contribute thousands of hours to deliver the programs and services valued by project management professionals in the Portland/Vancouver Metro Area.

Across seven Portfolios, and the Executive Team, they write and edit newsletter articles, keep our social media presence fresh, and maintain web pages. They recruit speakers, or go into the community speaking on behalf of the chapter. Volunteers are leaders, training and leading other volunteers and shouldering the fiduciary responsibility of the Chapter as elected Board Members. The collective effort of these amazing volunteers fulfills the Chapter’s mission to promote the profession of Project Management by creating a culture and community that facilitates professional growth through education and volunteerism. 

There are those that go above and beyond, with a passion and commitment for the work that shines through in not only the time and attention they devote to their role, but also the quality of the relationships they foster during their time of service.

Each month, the PMI Portland Chapter recognizes one of these super stars as Volunteer of the .

If you would like to recognize a volunteer who has been an example of passion and commitment in action, please submit a nomination at any time.

You may be contacted for more information about your nominee and you will be alerted should your nominee win.

Meet PMI Portland Volunteer of the Month

By Membership Selection Committee

What does a seasoned volunteer look like? Look no further than January’s Volunteer of the Month, Jerry Young, for that answer.

In 2008, Jerry began volunteering with PMI Portland and his efforts primarily focused on marketing and sponsorship. Although completely capable of executing any task assigned to him, Jerry's passions lay in networking and helping others find work. The volunteer position quickly morphed into a recruiting role that included hosting job fairs, assisting in resume writing, speed mentoring, networking, building up a massive job board, and much more.

After retiring from corporate work last year and being bored, Jerry realized that his time would be best spent doing the same type of recruiting work he has done as a volunteer for the Portland chapter. Now, as COO at a staffing company, Jerry spends his days tutoring, mentoring, and putting his skills to good use.

Jerry offers up two points of advice for those looking or thinking about changing jobs. First, employers are looking to fill multiple positions with a single hire. There is likely no reason to hire a software engineer and a separate Scrum coach with budgets tightening. If a person can speak to both skill sets, they would be the ideal candidate. Jerry notes that "Generalists have more tools in their toolbox and are therefore more desirable to hiring managers." The second piece of advice, "do not take the shotgun approach and apply everywhere." If you're looking for a job in Portland, it's a surprisingly small city. Hiring managers across industries talk to one another about their needs, and your resume may come across their desk. Apply authentically for a job you want. Don't make yourself out to be someone else. Be honest about your qualifications.

As far as Chapter responsibilities go, Jerry envisioned, coordinated, and moderated the Outreach panel discussion titled "A Day in the Life" held last November. This event chronicled expert panelists representing Project, Program, Product Management, a Portfolio Director, and a Scrum Master/Agile Coach and drew over 135 registrants. It's no surprise that all heralded his execution of the event in attendance.

So when he's not hiking or playing tennis or helping someone land the perfect job, Jerry continues to focus on providing dynamic, relevant, and engaging content to help others with their professional networking and career growth. Well played, Jerry!

 By Membership Selection Committee

PMI Portland is proud to announce the December Volunteer of the Month winner, April Chapman.

April joined the PMI Portland Chapter in October 2019 but didn’t begin volunteering with the Membership Portfolio until April 2020. In the early months, as Covid-19 restrictions and challenges began, the Membership Portfolio experienced its fair share of turnover. Even without an official title, April was happy to join as a “team member” and be of use wherever needed.

As an informal team member, April noticed a gap between members who had official representation within the portfolio and ones that didn’t. The portfolios generally communicate via Google Drive and a plethora of Google Docs. Unfortunately, those without a formal title aren’t afforded the luxury of such repositories. Instead of letting this sway her involvement or interest, April implemented the use of SAS application Trello as the hub for Membership team activities, community involvement and collaboration. She not only set up community boards for the members, she also taught the team how to administer various boards, developed standard use guidelines and established “Trello Talk” training opportunities during weekly meetings to help the team optimize the tool usage and stay current on pending tasks. Now the de facto representation of current initiatives, Trello is a thriving success in the Membership Portfolio thanks to April.

In her ideal scenario, April would love to take a more central and leading role as Director of Volunteer Recognition. Being able to recognize volunteers and make them feel appreciated and valued are April’s passions. She has been instrumental in moving the volunteer program forward and recognizes volunteers are the core and soul of the Portland Chapter. In the words of her nominator, “April has been the glue to the team as others have come and gone” and that persistence and consistency is key to growth and success.

April has consistently shown her strengths of attention to detail and persistence. She looks forward to finding ways to bridge the gap between all members of the PMI Portland community to promote cross-collaboration and drive results. For someone self-motivated and quick witted, this is a challenge April is happily embracing.

And if all that wasn’t enough, April spends whatever time is left in the day, hiking, video gaming and baking bread. The “Solace in the Gorge” profile photo is indicative of her persistent spirit and drive to conquer whatever lies ahead.

By Membership Selection Committee

Nov2020 Article VoM Scott White

What does it take to get a personal shout out in a monthly newsletter from the current Chapter President, Ric Ferrin? Probably a little tenacity, sprinkled with great attention to detail and a massive pinch of work ethic. Scott White has them all and that’s why he’s November’s Volunteer of the Month.

When Scott worked as a Consultant for what is now Bridgewell Resources, Scott was constantly pinged to be the lead on projects. The trust that others put in him allowed him to develop the project management skills that made him invaluable to his organization. After getting his PMP and taking on managerial and business analyst roles, primarily focused on IT, Scott became an IT Director and never looked back.

Much of what drove Scott to succeed in his professional career also paved the way for his onboarding at PMI Portland. When he was a member, he noticed the experience was more passive than interactive. It wasn’t until he began volunteering in 2016 as a Web Administrator that things really changed. Not known to be the gregarious type, volunteering allowed Scott to get involved, network and connect. Interaction created intent and that paved the way for collaboration. He noticed an immediate change in his professional network. He could now seek advice and quality feedback, positively impacting both his day job and volunteer work.

Scott recommends anyone who is on the fence about volunteering to take the next step and get involved. Not only has it made relationships more profound, it has given value to shared experiences and circumstances. For example, when he began his consulting career in 2002, Scott says there used to be job openings aplenty. Anyone with a PMP would be hired off the street without question due to incredible demand. Even prior to Covid-19, the market has drastically changed for those looking for work. Individuals with multiple accreditations after their name are having to compete in the same tight job market. Volunteering brings networking and community building to the forefront for those needing assistance. And for those happily employed, it affords the chance to give back and celebrate those successes together.

When he’s not at work or on-boarding new volunteers to PMI Portland, you can find Scott fly fishing in John Day, or the Clackamas or Sandy Rivers. Next weekend, he’ll be in Iowa, spending some family time with his son and future daughter in law. This much needed rest and relaxation is well deserved for a person who gives so much to others.

Rachel KallolPhotography DSC 1305

PMI Portland is proud to announce the October Volunteer of the Month winner (VoM), Lily Fitzpatrick.

Lily holds the title of Assistant Director of Technology Support and is devastatingly deserving of the Volunteer of the Month title. With a vacant Webmaster position, Lily has been instrumental in assisting the Operations portfolio with onboarding new members, providing them with tools and access to make their transition a smooth one, implementing the Go-To-Meeting solution to keep virtual learning afloat, all whilst providing unyielding mental support and guidance throughout the pandemic.

Lily admits that although the work looks very similar to that of 6 months ago, the amount of dedication and personal connection has grown immensely. Embracing the challenge of working remotely and understanding that not all are “technologically savvy,” Lily is more mindful of being fluid and providing extra attention to those needing it most. She’ll be the first to tell you that the title of VoM should go to her entire department and that she’s only a small contributor. That work ethic and selflessness is why she’s chosen for the high honor.

After relocating from the Maryland area 4 years ago, Lily had her eyes set on contributing to the PMI community on the West Coast. She had already been a member of the Washington, D.C., Baltimore, and Guatemalan chapters. Joining PMI Portland was a seamless transition to share her experience and give back to an organization that has made her grow and thrive. When she’s not volunteering or giving time to her 4 children, Lily is continuing to expand her professional development. As if a BA in Computer Management wasn’t enough, Lily is actively transitioning from the MA in Engineering Management from Portland State University to follow her love for neuroscience and how it affects technology at OHSU. “At the end of the day, it’s about sharing your knowledge to serve others. This is the legacy I want to leave.”

Lily Fitzpatrick is your October’s Volunteer of the Month because she places the needs of others first and works hard to ensure the success of PMI Portland.

Rachel KallolPhotography DSC 1305

PMI Portland Chapter is pleased to announce a reboot to the Volunteer of the Month recognition program. We recognize volunteers are the heart and soul of our Chapter. There are thousands of hours being contributed each year to provide the programs and services valued by project management professionals in the Portland/Vancouver Metro Area. Many volunteers go above and beyond consistently and epitomize the mission of the Chapter by promoting the profession of Project Management. They work tirelessly to create a culture and community that facilitates professional growth through education and volunteerism.

Rachel Crane is September’s Volunteer of the Month. As the Director of Social Media, she not only has promoted the Chapter’s events and activities, professional development courses, and other opportunities across many social media platforms for the last two years, she also spends countless hours reading, reviewing, and researching other topics that interest our PMI community. She looks for creative ways to share that knowledge with our membership, keeping on top of trends, and hoping to jump start conversations between professionals.

Her profession is in international public health. She spent 10 years at Global Scientific Solutions for Health (GSSHealth) to establish quality-assured laboratory networks, diagnostic systems, and research laboratories across the globe. She is passionate about helping others and working with people from all walks of life. This shows in her volunteer work with PMI Portland and the Marketing Portfolio. Her nominator called her “indefatigable,” someone who is persistently tireless.

Rachel’s biggest challenge at the Chapter has been the events relating to the annual 2019 PMI Portland Conference. By working with the marketing and other portfolios, she made the conference available to a diverse group of project management professionals on Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

When she is not working or volunteering, she enjoys catching up on the latest books, running, and exercising to keep fit, mind and body. The Chapter is grateful to have an outstanding volunteer and honored to recognize Rachel Crane as the Volunteer of the Month for September 2020.