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VOM April 2022 -Dominique Bradley

VOM April 2022 -Dominique Bradley


Dominique Bradley embodies the best of PMI Portland volunteers: belief in the good that project management can bring to the world and passion for delivering what the members need to meet the profession's challenges.

She began her volunteer journey with PMI Portland in February of 2020, drawn to this amazing, diverse community of project management professionals. Her advice for those wondering if they should volunteer with PMI Portland is a resounding “Yes.” She asserts there is no better time to volunteer than right now, when we are all searching for community and connection.

As Assistant VP of Outreach she has planned, coordinated, and produced 6 virtual outreach ZOOM events for the PMI Portland chapter, creating over 700 high-quality community interactions with over 125 non-PMI member engagements. Her administrative, marketing and technical prowess enabled PMI Portland to successfully deliver the first ever virtual chapter meeting to its members.

Dominique is a tireless, dedicated professional committed to providing the greater Portland Project Management community with the highest quality professional development opportunities, social interactions and professional networking. She has the ability to keep a cool head under pressure and handle anything that comes her way.

Her one ask of members is to provide feedback on events and programming. She takes the customer service aspect of her volunteer role seriously and reviews each survey. So, next time you are given the opportunity to provide feedback to PMI Portland, know that Dominique is listening!