Sep2021 Article VoM Matthew JenkinsShari serves as PMI Portland’s Director of Volunteer recognition. Her role involves fielding nominations for the volunteer highlighted in this monthly article, but her peers decided it was time to recognize her contributions! Her role resides underneath the membership portfolio and supports PMI Portland’s efforts to attract and retain members and volunteers.

Professionally, Shari has worked as a project manager with AT&T for 27 years. For the majority of her career at AT&T she led a wide variety of projects, from new product development to mobile insurance. In 2019, they moved her role’s location and, as remote work was less available, Shari shifted to a position in the Office of the President. Very recently, she is back at her previous role, leading large teams through complex problems. As a true testament to Shari’s commitment to the project management profession, she has continued to grow her knowledge base. What Shari once managed with a mix of agile and waterfall methodologies, has now moved completely to agile.

When asked what she loves about being a project manager, Shari highlights the collaborative and cross functional teams she motivates to accomplish big complex goals. Shari’s one piece of advice for PMs is to over communicate, ensuring everyone is moving in the same direction is key to not only the project’s success, but the success of the project manager as well.

In her free time, Shari enjoys supporting her son through high school, spending time with her college-aged daughter hiking and time outdoors. She has also picked up the hobby of trying new recipes. Ask for her homemade cheese and chicken taquito recipe - that was recently a big hit!

Finally, Shari asks that if there has been a PMI Portland volunteer that has been particularly impactful or helpful to you, please be sure to nominate them for volunteer of the month! Their work deserves to be highlighted and recognized!