PMI Portland Chapter

Student CM Registration

Chapter Meeting Non-member Student Group Registration Attendance Process

PMI Portland Chapter encourages instructors and their students to attend monthly Chapter Meetings at a reduced cost of $10 for the entire meeting. 

60 students may attend each calendar year. 

Below is a description of the process to attend the meeting:

  • Instructor will contact Director of Academic Outreach ( and schedule a month when students can attend. (More than 30 days in the future.)
  • Instructor and Director of Academic Outreach will decide how payment will be made. The Options are:
    1. Each student pays individually using a Discount Code for $10, OR
    2. The organization makes a single payment for all students and students receive a Discount Code for $0.
  • Director of Academic Outreach will review requests for the month with VP Outreach and Chapter President. 
  • Once Approved and generated, as applicable to the requested payment mode, the Website Payment form and Discount code will be provided to the Director of Academic Outreach.
  • The Website and Instruction Letter(s) are then forwarded to the Instructor who will distribute Instruction Letters to students and/or Instruction Letter with Website address to Administrative Staff, if elected Group Pay.
  • For both Options, Students will use the PMI Portland Chapter website to register themselves for the meeting, before the regular registration deadline, using the Discount code.
  • Director of Academic Outreach will provide a Weekly Feedback Report of those who have completed registration to the Instructor; upon request faculty may opt-out of reporting.
  • Director of Registration will include students in meal count and have name badges prepared for the students along with table signage.
  • Director of Academic Outreach will track the number of students who use the program throughout the year.

This process applies only to students…

  • Who are enrolled in a participating class, and …
  • Who are not members of PMI Portland Chapter. 

Current PMI Portland Chapter Student members already receive discounted pricing. 

Effective 3/4/2017

Contact Director of Academic Outreach (