Event Registration FAQs

Event Registration

Chapter Members Must Log In to Register for Events

Non-Members do not log in to register for events. See Login Information for details.

New member or just joining?  Read this important information!  You cannot join PMI and the Portland Chapter and register for an event on the same day.  Please plan accordingly! 


If an event is open for registration you will see a Register [Individual] button at the top of the event landing page. Some events may be listed, but may not yet be open for registration.  Some listed events do not require registration.

Chapter Members, once you log in, the registration form fields will be pre-populated from your profile information, and the pricing will be pre-calculated. The record of your event registration is stored with your member account for future reference.

Non-members, complete all required information with the red asterisk to register for the event, then pay by credit card. Be sure to save your email registration and payment confirmations. Check out the benefits of membership to expedite the registration process.

Payment Adjustments

There will be no retroactive payment adjustments. Please be certain you are registering correctly prior to payment.

Cancel a Registration / Refund Policy

The cancellation and refund information appears on the web page for each event and in your email confirmation.  See the Event Cancellation and Refund Policy web page..

Registration and Payment Confirmation

All registrants will receive both an email confirmation of their registration, and a payment confirmation from Pay Pal. Chapter Members will also be able to log in and select My Registrations in the upper left hand corner and view their registration history.  If you have questions or do not receive one of these confirmation emails, see the Troubleshooting section.  

Event Pricing & Payment

Event Pricing

Pricing for events will be listed on the registration form itself, and on the event landing page.  Pricing is based on:

  • Your membership status 
  • The date on which you register

Before you enter your Credit Card payment you will see a complete breakdown of your charges. 

If your pricing does not appear to be correct, read the Troubleshooting section.  Do not continue to register and pay, as there are no Payment Adjustments.

Payment Options

PMI Portland Chapter accepts only PayPal and Credit Card payments on-line (and at the door for certain events).  We do not accept cash, checks, or provide invoices.  

Coupon Codes

If you have been given a Coupon Code to use during registration, you may enter the code in the field, prior to payment.

Walk-In Registration (at the door) at Chapter Meetings

You may register online and pay by credit card at the door for Chapter Meetings; however, it is highly recommend that you pre-register online because:

  • Pricing is $15 more after Thursday at midnight before the week of the meeting (subject to change - deadlines on the specific Chapter meeting webpage are final).
  • Pre-registration allows the volunteers and venue to properly plan for the appropriate meeting attendance, tables, meals, etc.

There is no walk-in registration for other events (workshops, classes, conferences).

Payment Adjustments

There will be no retroactive payment adjustments. Please be certain you are registering correctly prior to payment. See Cancel a Registration, above.

Member Accounts

New and Renewing Chapter Member Accounts

Chapter members join PMI and the Portland Chapter at the pmi.org (PMI Global) web site. It takes up to three business days for PMI Global to process your new PMI Portland Chapter membership so that we can create an account on our site.  New members will receive a Welcome email when their new Chapter account is created. Visit the New Member Info webpage for complete information.

You cannot join PMI and the Portland Chapter and register for an event on the same day.  Please plan accordingly! 

Updating Current Chapter Member Accounts

Members must update their account information at pmi.org (PMI Global), which will in turn automatically update the PMI Portland Chapter website member information.

Account Expiration

Chapter Membership, and your ability to log in, automatically expires on our site at the same time as it does at PMI Global.

Chapter Student Member Accounts

Chapter Student membership (and pricing) applies only to those who:

  • Are PMI Portland Chapter members in good standing, and
  • Have applied for (and received) Student status from PMI Global.  See PMI Global Student Membership.

Student membership and pricing does not apply to Chapter members or non-members who may also happen to be students.

Login Information

Chapter Member Login

Log in using the MEMBER LOGIN link on our site. Your PMI Portland Chapter username and password are the same as your pmi.org (PMI Global) credentials. We share a single sign-on.

See the PMI Global Customer Care (Help) web page for questions as we do not have access to your credential information.

New members - it takes 3 business days for your account to become live on our site after joining at pmi.org.  Please plan accordingly!

Chapter Member Alternate Login Method

If you are having difficulty logging in, go to the LOGIN HELP link, which uses an alternate login method so that you can access the PMI Portland site.


Only Chapter members can log in to our website.  Non-members register for events without logging in.

Troubleshooting & FAQs

Membership Issues

I just joined the Chapter and want to register for an event NOW!

It takes up to three business days for PMI Global to process your new PMI Portland Chapter membership so that we can create an account on our site.  You cannot log in until this happens and cannot get member pricing unless you log in.  This is out of our control.  DO NOT WAIT TO JOIN THE CHAPTER IF YOU WANT TO RECEIVE MEMBER PRICING.

Payment Issues

Can I pay by check, cash, or be invoiced?

No, this is a volunteer organization and needs to minimize the amount of work for volunteers.  Only online credit card payments and PayPal transactions are accepted. 

I received an error when trying to pay by credit card.

The system accepts most major credit cards.  If you receive an error the most common reasons are:

  1. You have entered your number or expiration date incorrectly.  Please wait a few minutes and try again.
  2. Your card is on hold by the credit card company - really!  This happens more than you would think, as they are trying to protect you.  Please contact them directly, and then try again.

To try again, close and re-open your browser, then start the registration process again.

If you need assistance after trying the steps above, contact the VP of Finance at vp_finance@pmi-portland.org.

Pricing Issues

I do not see the correct pricing when I try to register.

Members must be logged in to receive member pricing, using their PMI Global credentials. See Login Information.

If your membership has expired you will not be able to log in. Go to pmi.org (PMI Global) to renew your membership.

I am a Student but I am not receiving student pricing.

See Chapter Student Member Accounts. In some cases, Project Management instructors have arranged for special pricing for non-member students, and will give them a discount code to use during registration.  This applies only to cases where this has been pre-arranged by the instructor in conjunction with the Director of Academic Outreach (acad_outreach@pmi-portland.org).

I am a new Chapter Member but I don’t know if I have an account yet. 

You will receive an email when your new account is created. Be sure you are using the PMI Global member credentials to login to the Portland Chapter website. See New and Renewing Chapter Member Accounts.

I just joined the Chapter but am not receiving Member pricing.

You must also be a PMI Portland Chapter member to receive member pricing.  There is an additional fee to join the Portland Chapter. Look on your PMI Global profile under Communities.  See New and Renewing Chapter Member Accounts.

Registration Questions

Can I register at the door?

See Walk-In Registration.

Can I register / pay for someone else?

Members-You cannot log in as yourself and register for someone else. Logging in gives you member pricing and associates the registration with your member account; you will essentially be registering yourself, not the other person.

Non-members-Be sure to enter all information as if you are the attendee, including email, etc. The email address identifies the person who is registered, and they will receive a registration confirmation via email.

Can I register a guest?

In most cases, the system does not support registering a guest while registering yourself.  Each attendee must register individually and receive pricing based on their membership status. If you want to register and pay for an additional person, see Can I register / pay for someone else?

Can I register for a group of people with a single credit card payment?

The system does not support group registration.  Each attendee must register individually and receive pricing based on their membership status.  There are exceptions for certain events such as the Annual Conference.

How do I see/print the event registration receipts I've registered for in the past?

See Registration and Payment Confirmation.

I didn't receive an email confirmation from PMI Portland (or from PayPal).

You should received two confirmation (if this is a paid event) - one confirming your registration and one confirming your payment.  If not, first check your spam folder.  Then you may contact the Director of the event (their email is on the web page for the event).

Forgot Your Username or Password?

Click on MEMBER LOGIN. You will enter an email address and the system will check to see if there is an account using this email address.  If so, an email will be sent to this email with the username info.  If this doesn't work, please try a different email address.

See PMI Global Customer Care (Help) web page for questions as we do not have access to your credential information.

Updating Account Information

I want to change my password

Log in and change the information in My Profile on the PMI Global website to change your password.

I want to change information in my profile, including my email address

Chapter members - You must make changes to your address, email, etc., on the pmi.org site, as we share a single sign-on with PMI Global. The updated information will appear on our site in a few days.


Questions?  Feedback?  Contact support@pmi-portland.org.

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