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Petra Langwald

langwald petra

1/16/2018 - Chapter Meeting Keynote 

Decoding bias: recognize - change - act

This presentation puts a spotlight on the recent trends to address bias in the workplace and how companies leverage neuroscience to mitigate it. Participants will explore types of bias and how it is processed in the brain. Participants will build a simple, personalized mitigation strategy that will proactively establish a plan to address a bias when it occurs and enable thoughtful decision making.

KelliAnn Klindtworth

klindtworth kelli

1/16/2018 - Chapter Meeting Education 

Organizational Forgetting: Why Planning for Forgetting is Important to Adoption 

PM and L&D professionals often think about training and adoption of new materials through the acquisition of new knowledge. One of the biggest barriers to adoption is the historical and tribal knowledge in companies that keep bad habits alive and slows adoption of new tools and processes. Intentional forgetting is a component of successful implementations and a key component to managing change.


Chris Sheesley

sheesley chris

2/20/2017 - Chapter Meeting Keynote

Conflict Courage: Leading to Resolution 

If you are like most leaders you experience aversion to the messiness of interpersonal conflict. This presentation will boost your confidence and provide skills so you can wade in and successfully manage disputes. You’ll learn how people become entangled and how you can help them become productive and collegial.

Cole Chatterton

chatteron cole

2/20/2018 - Chapter Meeting Education 

Organizational Change Management

All projects are establishing a level of organizational change to occur; it is inevitable.  Millennials celebrate it while other generations despise it.  However, at the end of the day, a strategic change management process will assist any organization to adapt to changing client, vendor, employee and community expectations...

Anthony Reed

reed anthony2/21/2018 - Workshop

The Psychology, Art and Science of Gathering Business Requirements

Project management methodologies work “on paper” and “in theory,” unfortunately, they generally fail once people are added to the mix. The focus on the psychology, art, and science of gathering business requirements is the major contributor to project success where success is defined as being on time, within scope, and at or below budget.


Alan Mallory

mallory alan

3/20/2018 - Chapter Meeting Keynote and Education 

Keynote: Project Everest: Essential Steps for Successful Projects

Education: Age of Agile: Embracing an Agile Mentality

Alan’s dynamic presentation focuses on developing leaders and strengthening project teams by reinforcing the professional development and project management skills that are essential for success in any project. It highlights the processes, tools and project stages that are involved in planning and executing difficult projects by using the challenge of Everest as an example of such a project.

Alan Mallory

mallory alan3/23/2018 - Workshop

Project Everest: Agile Strategies in Leadership and Time Management

Throughout this interactive workshop, participants will explore various elements of agility and related agile methodologies in leadership and time management from a unique perspective that encourages innovative thinking and application of project management techniques. It is built around a world record that Alan Mallory and three members of his immediate family set on Mount Everest in 2008 and is based on a hybrid approach to agile which combines agile practices with traditional waterfall methodologies.


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