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Research Studies

Research Studies

You can help advance the science of Project Management. These research studies are soliciting participation from professional Project Managers.

If you would like to post a research study opportunity here, contact President.

Global Survey of Expert Judgment Practices in Project Management

Deadline:  unknown - posted 11/25/2014

The survey is part of a research project sponsored by the Project Management Institute. The research project will help us better understand the use of expert judgment in project management worldwide.  Survey Link

Impact of project management leadership on IT projects

Deadline:  unknown - posted 5/15/2014

The PMI Portland Chapter invites you to participate in the "impact of project management leadership on IT projects" survey being conducted by researchers at the University of Portland.  Leadership on information technology projects is often assumed to fall under the project manager’s set of responsibilities.  While the project manager by default assumes some form of leadership in their assigned position, a project manager’s ability to manage a project does not necessarily reflect an ability to lead the project. 

As we are all well aware, IT projects can be a high risk proposition.  A number of studies, in both practice and academic circles, have attempted to examine the root causes for IT project failures.  Unlike these studies, which have primarily focused on ‘process’ improvements to current methodologies and techniques, this one is examining the role of the IT project manager, which is believed to be the key personnel role on most IT project teams.  It is believed that an IT project manager’s ability to lead and influence key constituents will have strong ramifications on the potential success of IT-based projects.

This research will be shared with participants upon request in the form of executive summary.  Survey Link