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Title Published Date
Essential Paradigm Shift for Implementing Agile 06-12-17
Lessons Learned for Continuous Personal Development 06-12-17
Transforming+Adapting as a Leader 05-09-17
Learning about the Consciousness Quotient 05-09-17
Mgt 3.0 Tech Part 4 05-09-17
Pro Bono Project Management 04-09-17
Mgt 3.0 Tech Part 3 04-09-17
BI Tools (Runcie) 04-09-17
Mgt 3.0 Tech Part 2 03-13-17
Secret Formula Strategy 03-13-17
West Bengal Children 03-13-17
PMIEF Scholarship Apply 03 2017 03-13-17
Mgt 3.0 Tech Part 1 02-13-17
PMIEF school sustainable PM 02-13-17
How Cloud Solutions Help 02-13-17
PMO for Emerging Tech 01-09-17
New Features Excel (Runcie) 01-09-17
Dude Wheres My Control-PM to Scrum 01-09-17
Senate Approves PM Act 12-10-16
7 Rules of Scrum 12-10-16

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