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Chapter President Penelope Luedtke, PMP

Jul2019 President Letter 1of2

Hello Members!

Welcome to the start of our PMI Portland Chapter year!

I am super excited to hit the GO button on this year. It seems like forever since I started this whole "President" thing. I've been so busy working with volunteers on the Annual Conference (more on that tomorrow!), and with the Board on our Strategic Plan, now we finally get to DO!

This year PMI Global is moving its strategic focus to the individual. We're looking closely at the needs of two kinds of individuals. The "Seasoned Pro" is a person looking to hone their skills for future opportunities in their project management career. The "Next Gen PM" is a person looking to learn the language of project management and start their career. This year, the Board plans to learn more about our members. Are they Seasoned Pros? Are they Next Gen PMs? Are these even valid labels? What do members want and need from this chapter? How can we provide more value and be more relevant to more project managers? These are the core questions the Board will be asking members like you - we want to make sure we get it right.

Another focus is on building partnerships with other organizations to expand our available resources. Understanding who has a meeting room we can use for a Westside workshop, for example, can provide a closer venue to members and an opportunity that might not have existed before. What does the PMI Portland Chapter offer to partner organizations in return? We can assist them with project management coaching and mentorship. We are here to advocate for project management - what better way to do that than demonstrate how it works?

Once we understand who our members are, and what they want from us as an organization, we can start building relationships with organizations to provide the services and opportunities you want and enjoy.

One thing we've heard from members is a desire for more dynamic chapter dinner meetings. We've heard your request, and this month the September meeting is changing things up. I hope you'll join us for a panel event of project management professionals discussing "How to Lead in Chaos." These are real project managers, speaking about real life. If you aren't surrounded by occasional chaos every once in a while, you've got it more figured out than I do!

I look forward to seeing you there,

Penelope Luedtke, PMP
President, PMI Portland Chapter

“Start by doing what is necessary; then do what’s possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible.” - St Francis of Assisi




TIME for a Round-Up

By Reni Towns, PMP

Jul2019 Article Flex Your EQ

For the past several months, our newsletter has focused on the theme of the 2019 Annual Conference, TIME: Talent, Inspiration, Motivation, and Emotional Intelligence. Let’s take a moment to look back at past content with this round up of top TIME tips for project managers.

The TIME theme was kicked off in the March newsletter, which covered managing projects across time zones. Top tips included leveraging technology to communicate and collaborate while incorporating team bonding activities such as in-person kick-off meetings or team dinners.

In April, we focused on talent growth through career development beyond project management. There were ideas for new project managers to learn more in their current roles, as well as for more experienced project managers to advance to new positions, such as program manager or Chief of Staff.

By May, we reviewed strategies for finding inspiration. Since many project managers have found themselves aligned to dull projects, we suggested several skills and techniques to spark excitement. Additionally, we identified inspirational options outside of work, including personal wellness habits and vacation time to avoid burnout.

Motivating team members, a critical responsibility for all project managers, was a key subject of the June newsletter. Motivation can be a challenge without direct reporting relationships and the ability to give raises, so we shared creative and personal options for keeping a team working hard, such as treating colleagues to coffee or wrapping up early on Fridays.

Finally, with summer in full swing in July, we turned to emotional intelligence. We considered ways to flex your EQ, including leveraging the power of optimism. Did you know 90% of all high performers have high EQ? That makes emotional intelligence a critical leadership skill to hone and harness.

Looking back, there was a lot of great newsletter content across the themes of talent, inspiration, motivation and emotional intelligence, yet it really was just the tip of the iceberg.

For more in-depth learning and a chance to network with local project management professionals, attend our 2019 Annual Conference on September 20. The conference features 16 sessions including “Package Yourself for Success,” and “Embracing an Agile Mindset,” with all topics aligning to PMI's focus on strategy, leadership, program and portfolio management, and tools and techniques. In addition to the workshops, we'll mix in plenty of networking opportunities. We hope to see you there!.


Marli Williams Wants to Help You Activate Your Leadership Potential

By Rachel Crane, PMP

Sep2019 Article Marli Williams“I aim to ignite the leader within, helping people to activate that place inside of them.”

This statement, from Marli Williams, M.Ed., is the key to her purpose-driven path. A Portland-based leadership trainer, educational speaker, career coach, and PMI Portland 2019 Annual Conference speaker, her mission is to help people unlock their personal power.

“Knowing what drives, inspires and motivates us allows us to unlock our purpose,” Williams explains. “When we’re living our purpose, we have more energy. When we have more energy, we can work better and be happier.”

Her path to help people achieve their full potential was shaped by a formative experience with an outdoor education program. When Williams was 19, she went on a 15-day Outward Bound course. Describing the event as life-changing, she notes it helped her realize her potential, adding, “my goal became to help other people realize theirs.”

Williams pursued a professional path in outdoor education and earned two education degrees before shifting her foray into personal and professional development coaching, leadership training, and facilitating.

“I tell people I have a degree in being a professional camp counselor,” Williams says, highlighting that her professional and educational background helped her to develop into the leader that she is today.

As a dynamic changemaker and facilitator, Williams is enthusiastic about presenting at this year’s PMI Portland Annual Conference, where she’ll lead a breakout session and the closing keynote presentation.

In her breakout session, Activate Your Purpose, Williams will facilitate an interactive exercise “to help people discover and uncover their unique leadership purpose.” During the session, participants will clarify their vision, strengths and desired impact by identifying specific steps they can take to convert knowledge into action.

The title of Williams’ closing keynote speech is Lead the Way; it will focus on leadership skills for empowerment, inspiration, and motivation. The crux of the presentation involves demonstrating how to “lead yourself and become a model for other people, how to redefine leadership, and how to keep the commitment to show up as a leader even when it’s hard.”

Zeroing in on the relationship between leadership and project management, Williams says, “I see project managers as leaders. People come to you because you work with all the moving parts and you’re the one needed to make the project successful. It’s not just project management, it’s project leadership.”

Finally, when asked what she hopes Annual Conference participants will take away from her sessions, Williams says, “you will walk away seeing yourself as leaders and knowing what leadership means to’re a leader because you’ve decided to be, and you can lead from anywhere.”

Are you or someone you know interested in being interviewed for the PMI Portland newsletter leadership profile? To nominate yourself or a colleague for consideration, please contact us at with a few details about your nominee.

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Chapter Meetings

“Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow.” – Anthony J. D'Angelo

Chapter Meeting | September 10, 2019

As the Chief Executive Officer at the Professional Development Academy and Professor of Business at George Fox University, Dr. Tim Rahschulte has two decades of experience focused on leveraging project and program management practices to deliver effective organizational change and introduce new products to market. Tim believes in times of chaos it takes leadership and the right tool kit adapting to uncertainty and delivering successful organizational change.

This month’s meeting is on the second Tuesday, September 10th at the Lloyd Center Doubletree from 4 to 8 pm. Log into PMI’s Portland site to register. Due to the PMI Portland Annual Conference held on Friday, September 20, 2019; this month’s meeting is a week earlier than normal. Late fee is waived for this month’s Chapter meeting except for walk-ins.

Education Presentation"Leading in Times of Chaos." Presented by Dr. Tim Rahschulte. Whether you are a new or seasoned project manager, we have all faced projects with ambiguity and brought in on a project at the last moment or in the middle of a project. In this session, you will learn how to understand project background and roadblocks, enhance team collaboration, and create alignment with the team and leadership.

Keynote Presentation“Leadership, Chaos and Real Experiences: A Panel Discussion.” During this session, Dr. Rahschulte and panel members set a conversational tone on how others have been successful in leading through the chaos and what you should add to your toolkit. Be ready to share and ask questions.


Certification Classes

The PMI Portland Chapter offers certification prep courses for project leaders ready to become Project Management Professionals (PMP), individuals looking to establish credibility in the application of project management processes as a Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM), and Agile professionals looking for formal recognition with the PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP) credential.

PMI-ACP Exam Prep Course | October 12, 19, and 26, 2019
Prepare for Agile Certified Practitioner (ACP) certification through the PMI Portland Chapter. ACP is a recent and progressive certification from the Project Management Institute (PMI) and it “sets the bar” for agile project professionals! Three Saturdays, October 12, 19, and 26, 2019, from 8:30 am - 5:00 pm. Click here to find out more.


Annual Conference and other Events

PMI Portland Annual Conference | September 20, 2019
Portland Chapter’s 2019 Annual Conference will be here before you know it. This year’s conference, held at the Oregon Convention Center, is shaping up in exciting ways.

The PMI Portland Annual Conference has provided premier educational experiences for Project Management in the Portland region for the past 18 years. This year, with a theme focusing on TIME: Talent, Motivation, Inspiration and Emotional Intelligence, we’re looking to bring the best and brightest in the profession together to expand our knowledge, make connections, and elevate our industry to new heights. IMPORTANT! Late registration starts on September 7th. Adds $100 to your price, REGARDLESS of membership status. Register before 9/7/2019 to avoid the late fee.

Visit Annual Conference 2019 for more information. 
Individual Registration | Group Registration



PMI hosts various roundtables across the metro area. Roundtables are a great way to get connect, earn PDUs and guidance on project issues from fellow PMs. Click here  to learn more about roundtables and find the one closest you.


Chapter Event Calendar 


PMI Portland Nomination for Featured Leadership Profile

Are you or someone you know interested in being interviewed for the PMI Portland newsletter leadership profile? To nominate yourself or a colleague for consideration, please contact us at with a few details about your nominee.


Invitation to Participate in a Global Research Study: Enablers and Outcomes of PMO Success

The purpose of this global research is to learn about the enablers and outcomes of PMO success. Continue with the survey if you have been involved with a PMO in any capacity (Director, Manager, Analyst, etc). Answers are based on recent experience with the PMO in your organization within the last 12 months. The questionnaire takes 15‐20 minutes to complete.

This information will be used in doctoral research leading to developing a better understanding of what constitutes PMO success, the enabling factors and outcomes. Participation in this survey is voluntary and all opinions will be kept anonymous. You can choose to provide your email address if you wish to receive the results of the research. The research is administered by Peter Kaul, DBAc., MBA, MSc., PMP, SKEMA Business School, Lille, France. 


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Chapter Membership

Total Members 2350
New members this year 541
PMP® Members 1487
CAPM® Members 42
PgMP® Members 9
PMI-SP® Members 2
PMI-RMP® Members 5
PMI-ACP® Members 87
PfMP® Members 1
PMI-PBA® Members 3
Breakdown by type  
Individual Members 2301
Student Members 40
Other Members 9


We wish to thank each of the Chapter sponsors for their continued support of the organization and their recognition of the importance of project management in the Portland area. To learn how your organization can become a Chapter sponsor, please visit Become a Sponsor

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