One-on-One with Integranium

PMI Portland’s sponsors are important community partners. Each sponsor has a unique role to play in Portland’s growing project management ecosystem. PMI Portland is pleased to highlight our sponsors’ contributions to our organization.

By Kerry K. Sharp

Question: Tell us about your organization.

Hari Kolasani: We are a Portland-based digital transformation company that helps businesses improve their processes by implementing software solutions using technologies like cloud, mobile, and enterprise applications. We focus on identifying solutions that help take businesses to the next level.

Question: What makes your organization unique?

Hari: We are unique in the sense that we are very small, nimble, and very talented individuals. We are a small team of master’s [degrees], architects, and software developers. We focus on solutions rather than headhunting or recruitment, typical of other consulting firms. We believe in technology and try to leverage it to implement solutions.

Terrance Mitchell: Also, we are very creative and innovative in our approach. We have an Agile methodology, so I think that sets us apart from other companies.

Question: You are a brand new sponsor. Congratulations! Thank you for sponsoring PMI Portland. Why did you decide to become a sponsor?

Hari: We have been in Portland for almost 20 years and work with a lot of companies. People know us, but we never actually tried to do something [like this]. I feel like I am giving back, sponsoring these events. At the same time, we are networking with people, meeting new talent, and seeing new businesses that need help to enable their business transformation. But mostly the idea is just to get involved. I have been in Portland so many years, so, getting involved with the community, with fellow professionals, getting to meet them and understand their needs, and seeing what we can do here is what sponsorship is about.

Terrance: It is just, overall, a great networking opportunity for us to get to know other people and to build strong business relationships with other companies. It is a great place for us all to come together and just experience PMI.

Question: How do you think being a PMI Portland sponsor will benefit your organization?

Hari: I see it as giving back to the community. We thought it was a great way to contribute and meet people. It was a thought that came to my mind that we just need to get out there and do something. This is the first step. We want to do more events in the community.

Terrance: Not only are we offering support, but we are offering services. Everyone wins.

Thank you Integranium for being a gold sponsor of the PMI Portland chapter!

About the Author

sharp kerry

Kerry K. Sharp, CAPM

Kerry has a background in IT and software testing. She is an experienced software testing manager, document manager, and technical editor/writer. Kerry holds a B.A. in Digital Technical and Culture from Washington State University Vancouver and a B.A. in Humanities from Marylhurst University. She achieved a CAPM in August 2016. Her passions include baking, cooking, technical writing, process development/improvement, and spending time with her teenage nieces.