One-on-One with Ben Newbill

By  Kerry K. Sharp

PMI Portland’s sponsors are important community partners. Each sponsor has a unique role to play in Portland’s growing project management ecosystem. PMI Portland is pleased to highlight our sponsors contributions to our organization.

Question: Tell us about your organization.

newbill benBen: VanderHouwen is a 30-year old technical staffing company located Portland, OR. We specialize in IT, software development, engineering, and accounting. We have a big team of (almost) 60 employees. Our headquarters are located on Macadam Avenue.

Question: What makes your organization unique?

Ben: Relationships. I’ve work for a couple other recruiting companies and been in recruiting for almost 13 years, and I would say our client relationships are what make us unique. We serve 300 companies in Portland. Clients reach out to VanderHouwen to find them talent, contract-to-hire or permanent. I don’t know of another recruiting company in Portland that has the volume of relationships. We have a grounded perspective on what our clients need, and this allows us to be a significant resource for candidates and clients.

Question: How long has VanderHouwen been a sponsor of PMI Portland?

Ben: I’ve been here over 5 years, so, at least 6 years, that I know of. I know Jimmy (Goddard), Titu (Hariharan), Saby (Waraich), and it goes back from there.

Question: How has being a PMI Portland sponsor benefited your organization?

Ben: PMI is a significant organization in the Portland community. It is recognizable, and there is a legitimacy associated with it. We tell candidates we are a sponsor and we are involved with PMI Portland. There is an instant recognition from candidates, and it is a positive thing. Our relationship with PMI Portland has been helpful not only with finding candidates that we can place, but we want to be a company that is connected to the community and being a sponsor give us that connection. Many of the PMI volunteers and the people that show up the events are already our clients, which further develops the relationship between VanderHouwen and our clients.

Question: Why do you think an organization should become a PMI sponsor?

Ben: I guess it depends on their purpose or mission. So, if it has to do with community, if they want to be connected to the Portland tech community, I think there is huge value to being a sponsor. With the number of PMI members, just being connected with the organization on a big-picture basis has long-term value.

About the Author

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Kerry K. Sharp, CAPM

Kerry has a background in IT and software testing. She is an experienced software testing manager, document manager, and technical editor/writer. Kerry holds a B.A. in Digital Technical and Culture from Washington State University Vancouver and a B.A. in Humanities from Marylhurst University. She achieved a CAPM in August 2016. Her passions include baking, cooking, technical writing, process development/improvement, and spending time with her teenage nieces.