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Payment for 2021-07 Machine Learning - Non-Members

Join Raj Mukherjee as we build a real-world data science model on forecasting time in transit for overseas vendors; the time it will take to get goods on the factory floor. Discuss some of the fundamentals of regressions, decision trees and neural networks. Show an application that can detect faces on a video and use reinforcement learning that can learn and play a game on its own. Discuss how to deploy some of these models in the cloud and be used as an API.  Participants will be able to self-report 1 technical PDU for attending.

mukhergee raj2Raj Mukherjee is the VP of Information Technology at Hit Promotional Products. He is a data science enthusiast with a master's degree in business analytics and electrical engineering. He has a passion for solving real world business problems. He volunteers as part of the Standards Committee for Promostandards and part of the Promotional Products Association International Tech Committee. Raj is an experienced integration director with a demonstrated history of working in the marketing and advertising industry. Skilled in machine learning, business intelligence, project management and ERP migrations. Come join the discussion to learn from some of the best in data science and click on the photo for a quick Vimeo preview of what’s to come!

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