Message from the President


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Saby Waraich, PMP

PMI Portland Chapter President

June 2016

This is my last article to you as Chapter President. Jimmy Godard will be taking over the role of President starting July 1st. It is an honor & privilege to lead PMI Portland Chapter. At the beginning of the term, I had outlined some things that I wanted to accomplish and when I look back to see some of the accomplishments from last year, we have come a long ways.

Professional Development

Saby3Annual Conference: We went to the Oregon Convention Center and the importance of this move was to sign up a location for the next 3 years. It was always a struggle to find the dates and location each year.

Mentoring Program: We started with the Mentoring Program and had good success with it. The Mentoring Program provides a great avenue for Senior Managers and Leaders to share their knowledge and wisdom with new Project Managers.

PMP Boot Camp: I kept receiving requests from our members about recommending a PMP Boot Camp vendor to provide this service for our members. We sent out RFPs to all the Registered Education Providers in the United States to find a vendor that could provide a PMP Boot Camp for our members. After going through proposals and the selection process, we selected a vendor. We are in the contract negotiation phase right now and will have a PMP Boot Camp scheduled soon.


Website Migration: We migrated our website to a new vendor for better services and stronger integration with PMI Global. It was a challenging project which changed some of the ways we manage our registration system. I am very hopeful that we can build on this migration for a stronger future.

Email Migration: Our email system was not working effectively. We also wanted a better conferencing tool and document management system. We migrated to Google Docs. I have already seen the benefit of using new Google tools.

TrackItForward: Keeping track of volunteer hours was tough. We were using Excel spreadsheets to track them. A new tool of TrackItForward was implemented to make it easy to enter and track volunteer hours.


Our portfolios were aligned to make stronger partnerships with Universities, Businesses and Communities. We organized a Project Management Panel at INTERFACE conference, spoke about the value of PMP at TAO event, community service at Oregon Food Bank etc. We also reached out to build stronger partnerships with other regional chapters like Puget Sound, Olympia, Northern Utah, and Willamette Chapters. Toastmasters for PMI Portland Chapter has also implemented with a goal to open another one in East Portland.


We continue to provide Social networking events for our Chapters. In the last year we have been to WinterHawks, Timbers and Thorns games. Members have really liked these avenues to connect with other Project Managers and have fun at the same time.

As one of the strategic goals to improve the volunteer management, we have worked out some process improvements and continue to work to make it a better experience for our Volunteers. Volunteer Recognition is more visible now with a new process.

Our membership is growing at a fast pace. When I started, our membership levels were around 1700. As of today we are at 1879, which shows that members see the value in our Chapter and want to become members.


We continue to provide value to our members through various events including Chapter Dinner meetings. Our December meeting was reduced to $10.00 for members /non-members per person. It was such a great event with over 270 folks showing up. We are having another one of these in the month of June. We continue to bring in Speakers with innovative topics and sessions.


Military Liaison Program: We put together this program to help our veterans in Project Management. We now have a Military Liaison Volunteer who put together the very first Project Management Information Fair for our veterans. I really enjoyed meeting many of those veterans at the event. We also offered them a Free PMI Portland Chapter Membership to encourage their participation in the Chapter.

Social Media: We did a Social Media Pilot with Region 1. We removed the bottlenecks and aligned our Social media to better connect with our members and community.

We realigned our Marketing portfolio to better serve other portfolios. Marketing will continue to grow and become a stronger portfolio during the next year.

Other Chapters in Region 1 look at the Portland Chapter as a leader in innovative programs and services. Our Chapter has pre-qualified for an award for the very first time. I hope to hear some good news in the month of August.


All this would not have been possible without my volunteer team and leadership team. I would like to thank my board members - Jimmy Godard, Carrie Hertel, Maria Schaeffer, Bob Bondaruk, Jean Richardson, Stephen Wilks, Titu Hariharan, Lokesh Aggarwal, Gay Lynn Calonge and Alan John and other volunteers. Thank you for your leadership to serve members of PMI Portland Chapter.

May 2016

April was another busy month where we took time to build collaboration with other partner Chapters from Region 1. The first opportunity was to partner up with PMI Puget Sound Chapter Annual Conference. I along with Jean Richardson presented at their 2-day Annual Conference on April 9th & 10th. It was a fun event and I met a few PMI Portland Chapter members at the Conference. They are very excited about our Annual Conference on August 26th & 27th at Oregon Convention Center.


We had a Region 1 meeting from April 15th to 17th at beautiful Vancouver Islands (Victoria B.C.). Region 1 consists of 16 Chapters including Idaho, Utah, Oregon, Washington, Alberta, British Columbia, Alaska etc. Leaders from these Chapters come together to learn about running the Chapters more effectively and to share their learnings with other Chapters. Stephen Wilks (VP of Operations) and I presented on leadership and using effective tools to run the Chapter successfully.

Each region has a mentor, a volunteer who support the chapters in the region in their growth and development. Our mentor is Laurel Sim, the former President of the Southern Alberta chapter. This is her last year as a mentor and has done amazing job in bringing the Chapters together and running some pilot projects. Region 1 has a Chapter Partner and a Chapter Administrator. They are full time employees of PMI to support the chapters and the members. Our Chapter Partner is Darryl Jackson and our Chapter Administrator is April Burton. They are our go-to support people when we have questions for PMI.
Below is a selfie with Gary Terrell, Darryl Jackson, John, Steve Norton and Bilal.


The PMI Portland Chapter Board uses the Region 1 conference as a way to reward volunteers. This is also a great opportunity to train them to better serve the membership. We try to send as many volunteers as we can each year to the conference. This year we sent 17 people. They spent a lot of time learning tools and leadership skills, and attending strategic sessions to serve our Chapter membership. PMI Portland Chapter will be hosting the 2018 Region 1 to commemorate our Chapter’s 35 year anniversary.

We had a great Chapter Dinner meeting last month. Brad Hermanson shared some techniques to making better project decisions. Keynote Speaker Paul Pelletier was exceptional in sharing his personal story and talking about Bullying in Project Management. He also did a workshop for us on the same topic the very next day. Below is a selfie time with Paul Pelletier & Jimmy Goddard.


 Jimmy Goddard and I then flew to Utah to present at their Annual Conference. PMI Portland Chapter has a strong relationship with Utah Chapter where we share and learn from each other. This collaboration is helping both the Chapters to provide better services to our members. Their conference was a 3-day conference and the Utah PMI volunteer team executed it perfectly. Jimmy presented on an interesting topic of Big Data. My presentation was on Don’t Adopt the Monkey: Leadership for you and your team. It was a well attended event with more than 400 attendees.

saby5Now let’s chat about what’s coming up this month. May has many events lined up with Oregon Food Bank Event on May 21st, Project Management for Veterans event on May 22nd, Chapter Dinner meeting on May 24th and a Conflict Management workshop on May 25th. With all these events lined up, we are also working together on our Annual Conference, Volunteer Recognition event and many other similar events. We recently did a lessons learned and strategic meeting for our CAPM/PMP prep course. We talked about making this prep course even better for our members in future. The team had some great ideas! Here is the selfie below with PMP Instructors including Dana Houston Jackson, Pam Banning, Kristian Ressler, Jean Richardson and Wes Smith.


PMI Portland Chapter Elections are on now! It’s time to elect a new Board of Directors for the Chapter. The nominations are in. Please take a moment to review the candidates and vote for them.
• May 1 thru May 24 – Membership votes on nominees
• May 27 – Winners are announced
• May 27 thru June 30 – Winners shadow current Board members
• July 1, 2016 thru June 30, 2018 – New Chapter Board is active

I would like to end this article by sharing some good news! Our Chapter has pre-qualified for consideration for the PMI Chapter Award in our region and size category. This is very exciting. I am working with other folks from leadership team to fill out award form to share our stories of the activities that we do well and why we should win! Please connect with me if you want to share your story with us. You can always email me or tweet to me @SabyWaraich

April 2016

The month of March just flew by so fast! We had almost 150 folks for our Chapter dinner meeting in March. Jeany Park was excellent as our keynote speaker. We continue to see great engagement from our members but we want to grow that attendance level at our Chapter Dinner meetings. How can we do that? What kind of topics do you want to hear? Have a speaker in mind? Please let us know.


The membership networking event at the Winterhawks game was lot of fun. Jimmy Godard did an excellent job putting this event together for our Chapter members. It was great to meet some new folks. We are putting together another event in the month of April for our Timbers fans. Don’t miss that opportunity to watch that game, eat some food, and drink some beer and network with your fellow PMI Portland Chapter members.


Volunteers and members of PMI Portland Chapter also helped out with the Oregon Food Bank by packing some food for hungry and needy people. This was our second community outreach event for Oregon Food Bank. It was a great feeling to give back to the community.

Saby3        Saby4


I also taught the Risk Management module for our PMP/CAPM Prep class last weekend. It is a 6 week prep course with classes on Saturday. The students are very excited about going for their PMP certification. Salary results show that PMP certified Project Managers earn about 17% more than non-certified project managers! Our next PMP Prep course will be in fall and we are also trying to set up a PMP Bootcamp for our members in the month of June.

Feedback from the students is great about the instructors. I would like to thank them for taking time out over the weekends to teach this class.


We have lot of activities lined up for next few months. We have a couple of workshops lined up for the month of April. Also, the PMI Portland Chapter leadership team will be attending the Region 1 conference in Victoria B.C. in mid-April. It is a very informative conference for our volunteers to network with other leaders from Regional Chapters and learn from each other. And the Annual Conference volunteer team is working very hard to put together the best Annual Conference ever for PMI Portland Chapter. The conference will be on 2 days – August 26th and 27th at Oregon Convention Center. We are planning to run 5 tracks on first day and Open Space for the second day. Registration will open soon along with more details on the speakers and tracks. Keep checking our Annual Conference page for updates.

If you want to contribute to your Chapter, please send us your nominations. There are five open board positions. We would love to chat with you about these opportunities. There is no better way to highlight and grow your leadership skills than to serve on the board of directors for PMI Portland Chapter!

And one more announcement: the PMI Portland Chapter is providing an academic scholarship to be administered by the PMI Educational Foundation (PMIEF) Scholarship and Awards Program. PMIEF, a charitable nonprofit organization, supports development of the best and brightest future project management professionals worldwide by providing over 40 academic scholarships to college and university students studying project management and related fields. The PMI Portland Chapter Scholarship is not only an excellent way to help a student realize their dreams through education, but it is also an opportunity for the chapter and its members to engage local academic institutions and to help promote the chapter’s work as well as the project management profession. Applications are due by May 1st.  Please apply online:

Enjoy some nice weather and I will connect with you at one of the Chapter events. We are here to serve you so feel free to get in touch with us to provide feedback or suggestion. You can always tweet me @SabyWaraich.

March 2016

What a great February Chapter dinner meeting! The keynote speaker John Laurence Busch was just fantastic and brought a fresh breath of air with his presentation on “The First Steamship Boat”. I got a lot of good feedback about him and his presentation. We had a photo booth for our attendees to take some cool pics with their colleagues and friends, and it was a blast! Here is one with our keynote speaker John Laurence Busch and VP of Programs Titu Hariharan.


In other news, the Annual Conference planning is picking up speed now. We are planning to extend our conference to two days! The vision is to have a great outline of speakers with 5 tracks. Last year we had to close the registration ahead of time, and this time we want to raise that limit to 500 folks. Everyone in the Annual Conference committee is working hard to lay a strong foundation for this year and upcoming years. We had a small get together to kick off and recognize volunteers from last year’s Annual Conference (see pic below).


The board members got together on Feb 20 to spend a whole day refining our strategic goals and making sure that the team is aligned and working together to meet those goals. We had an Open Space session facilitated by Phyllis Thompson. I really enjoyed the new format. The session was attended by Vice Presidents and Assistant Vice Presidents along with President Elect and Past President. I am very blessed to have such a great team of leaders. The learnings from that event became action items for all of us to go back and start working upon. Don’t we look enthused and eager to get back to work?!


We continue to move forward, but also wanted to reflect on some of the things we have accomplished in the last few months. At one of our board meetings we asked our board members a couple of questions and recorded their answers. Special Thank you to Mike Goss for recording and publishing the video. The two questions were:

1. Looking back, what makes you smile?
2. Looking ahead, what makes you smile?

You can check out their responses on our YouTube Channel:

The month of March is full of fun activities with PMP/CAPM prep course kick off, Chapter Dinner meeting, a workshop on portfolio management, volunteering at Oregon Food Bank, and Membership networking at Winterhawks game and many more events. I would like to connect with you at one of those events and would like to hear your feedback and suggestions. As usual tweet me @SabyWaraich or send me an email We are here to serve you!

February 2016

What an amazing month of January! Powerball was at all-time high of 1.6 BILLION dollars. First few days of snow and ice. Lots of rain and some sunshine.

Lot of things are happening within your Chapter. I was in conversation with an individual from a different Chapter. He was amazed to see what all we are doing for our members and community. According to him, “You are leading a pretty active and a rocking chapter!” That is indeed true. The number of events have increased reasonably in the past year. This all has been made possible because of engaged board members, directors and volunteers. Last evening I attended the Annual Conference Steering Committee kick off. We have great ideas to make the conference even better than last year. If you want to contribute and help us, please feel free to contact any of our board members or Chair of Annual Conference – Valerie. She can be reached at

PMI Portland Chapter volunteers also helped out at Oregon Food bank for the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service (Check out the full story!). They brought in their family members as well to help out. We are doing another one in the month of March, so stay tuned for more details!


We also had a great January Chapter meeting. Michael Nir gave excellent presentations on Agile PMO and Influence without Authority.


I am looking forward to February’s presentations: Trish Kelley is presenting on the new changes in the way you report your PDUs and John Laurence Busch will be talking about “Building the first steamship in history”.  You can register now for the meeting.

We have great workshops lined up for next few months. Greg Hawkins has been doing a great job in making sure that we provide opportunities to our members to Project Management community to keep learning to get our PDU’s as well learn new tools, methods and strategies to become effective Project Managers. Greg Hawkins talks here about the workshops he has lined up for next few months.

Our ACP certification class started on January 30. It is a 3 day class on 3 Saturdays to prepare you to take your ACP certification. As of today we have about 49 ACP certified Project Managers in PMI Portland Chapter. PMP/CAPM certification class is now accepting registrations for spring session which starts in March. More details here. We are also working to put together a 3-4 day boot camp for our members. Stay tuned for more information on that.

Do you know about As a PMI member, you have premium access to the website. It is a great resource for articles (like this month’s Headline article!), templates, webinars, discussions and networking. You should check it out if you haven’t done it. Some of the upcoming webinars are:

  • Evernote for Project Managers - An Introduction
  • Lessons Learned in IT Project Failures
  • Are you an Agile project manager or an Agile project leader? And why does that question matter?
  • The Invisible Matters - How Program Management and Systems Engineering Teamed to Build the World's Largest Ice Cube

As usual if you have any feedback or suggestion, please feel free to email me or send a tweet to me @SabyWaraich

January 2016

Time has no holiday, Dreams have no expiry date and Life has no pause button! Live it, Love it. Enjoy each and every moment of your life!! Save those memories which gives twinkle in your eyes. Welcome to 2016!

I hope that you spent quality time with your friends and family during this holiday season.

What a great ending to our year with the December Chapter Dinner meeting. It was well attended with almost 280 in attendance. The meeting was a lot of fun.  We had a live pianist, impromptu and excellent Christmas carolers, and some fun trivia and give away contests.

I have already completed 6 months of term and they have gone by so fast. As I reflect upon the last few months, it has been a fun and exciting journey leading the Chapter. We are making good progress towards our strategic goals and laying foundations for bigger things in the future for our Chapter. I am very glad to see my volunteer team coming together and taking on bigger challenges to serve you better.

In the last month, we successfully passed our Chapter budget, kicked off the Mentoring program, made progress on the Volunteer Management initiative, celebrated Toastmasters’ open house, and worked on our Communication strategy with focus on Social Media, workshops, roundtables and much more.

I continue to ask you for your feedback and suggestions. If you want to serve your Project Management Community, want to learn new skills as a leader, are passionate about serving and want to add value or have suggestions to improve the current services provided to our members, please feel free to connect with me. You can reach me through my email, or tweet to me on twitter @SabyWaraich.

Happy New Year! May the New Year bring happiness, health, wealth and prosperity for you and your family!

December 2015

“Gratitude can transform common days into Thanksgivings, turn routine jobs into joy and change ordinary opportunities into blessings.” – William Arthur Ward

I hope you had a great Thanksgiving holiday with your family and friends. I had a good time as well. I always love this time of the year. Folks are friendly and in good spirit. This month also reminds us about gratitude and to be thankful for our blessings.

We had a Director’s Networking event on November 20th. We thanked our Directors for their services to PMI Portland Chapter and also used this as an opportunity to network with different portfolios. We had fun playing a few cool games, and I shared some of the pictures from my India trip. A BIG thank you to Maria, Penelope, Titu, Jimmy and others for putting this event together and making it a great success. And a special thank you to Jimmy for giving me my own selfie stick - now I don’t have to borrow his any more :). I took some selfies at this event and will be posting a link on our website.

I also represented our Chapter as a panel member on a discussion about Project Management: “To Certify or Not to Certify,” hosted by the Technology Association of Oregon. It was a very interesting discussion with a diverse panel of Project Management professionals that have gone back to the textbooks for certifications and others who have bypassed formal education for on-the-job experience.

During the next few months we will busy with finalizing the budget, doing a volunteer outreach effort with Oregon Food Bank, Mentoring Program, Military Liaison Program, ACP Certification Class, Workshops etc. We are also celebrating December Chapter Dinner Meeting as a Holiday Meeting. You are invited to attend and bring a guest along with you at a special rate of $10.00 each. Spend some time socializing with your friends and colleagues at PMI Portland Chapter. I would love to meet you on December 15th at Doubletree Hotel.

I am thankful to our volunteers and their families. They spend their valuable time away from their family and friends in providing excellent services to this Chapter. I am also thankful to my family for their support and understanding. If you happen to see or meet a volunteer at the next event, please thank them for their services. As always, you can always reach me or tweet me @SabyWaraich

November 2015

I am writing this article as I prepare to travel to India for my cousin’s wedding. Usually we take Delta from Portland to New Delhi with a stopover at Amsterdam. We are trying Emirates Airlines for the first time. We will be flying to Seattle, Dubai, and then our final destination, New Delhi. After landing, we will be driving for 5-6 hours to reach my hometown in India – Chandigarh. It is considered by many to be the most beautiful town in Asia. Sikh weddings are all about close-knit communities and having fun; everyone eats, drinks and dances to bhangra (a genre of Punjabi music) together. Sikh weddings are also very large and average around 600 to 1,500 guests, and they are often quite elaborate with various functions spreading over 4-6 days.

Now let’s come back to the cool things we have been doing at your Chapter. Your leadership team came back from Florida after attending North America Leadership Institute Meeting. It was a great experience for all of them. I am proud to say that we had the biggest team of 13 leaders among the various other Chapters. There were more than 1,000 attendees, and 40% of them were attending a LIM for the first time. Attendees represented 223 chapters from 57 different countries. It was a very diverse mix of leaders that provided a rich networking experience. We were able to compare experiences with other leaders in both similar and very different settings. Keynote presentations were focused on the value of leadership. First day, Chesley B. “Sully” Sullenberger got the meeting started. He is best known for serving as Captain during what has been called the “Miracle on the Hudson,” and he shared his knowledge of high performance systems’ improvement. Second day, Jeff Tobe taught participants how to effectively use their innate creativity to their benefit in both their professional and personal lives. Finally, Jason Young closed out the meeting by speaking about leadership, customer service and teambuilding. Each day also included educational sessions delivered by subject experts, and Chapter Share & Learn sessions that highlighted the great work being done in PMI chapters.

I had a great time presenting at #PMILIM 2015. I talked about #PurpleCowLeadership and #DontAdoptTheMonkey among many other concepts. I am very touched by feedback I received at the end of the presentation; someone came up to me and told me that I changed his life today. Someone else wanted to hug me! What a great feeling!! And, of course, there was the meeting of old friends, making of new friends, selfies, tweets, networking and new experiences. Next year’s NA LIM will be in San Diego.

We are also doing fun events for our members. The Timbers networking event was sold out within couple of days! We have also started growing in the last few months. We have been closer to 1700 members in last couple of years but as I see it today, we are 1807. I would like to hear from you to see how we can provide value to you. What kinds of workshops you want us to arrange? What kind of topics you would like to be presented at Chapter dinner meeting? You can always email me your ideas or any of our board members and if your idea can be described in less than 140 words, tweet it to me @SabyWaraich or our chapter @PMIPortland.

October 2015

What a great September we had at PMI Portland Chapter! Our Annual Conference was sold out; we even had to close out the registration a couple of days ahead of the Annual Conference with no walk-in registrations. A BIG thanks to the Annual Conference Volunteer team for putting together an amazing conference. If you want to know more about it, read it in this month’s special report on the Annual Conference. We also sold out our PMP/CAPM Prep course. We have about 32 Project Managers attending this course to prepare themselves to clear the exam. In case you hadn’t heard, the PMP exam is changing on January 11, 2016. On a high level, there is no change to the 5 domains, but 8 additional tasks have been added. You can read more about the changes here:

We have PMI-Global Congress this month. It will be held from October 11-13 in Orlando, Florida. PMI Global Congress 2015—North America provides education and insights applicable to all project management professionals regardless of industry, geography, skill level or credential. There are more than 100 sessions with learning and networking aimed at building your technical, leadership, strategic, and business management skills.

We also have Leadership Institute Meeting (LIM) – North America prior to Global Congress from October 8-10 in Orlando, Florida. LIM is designed to inspire and support fellow volunteer leaders in strengthening leadership skills to benefit both our chapter operations and career development. We usually send 5-10 folks to attend the meeting. This year we are taking the biggest team of 13 leaders to attend this event. It is a great learning experience to network with more than 1100 leaders from 80 plus different countries as well as hear remarkable keynote speakers and benefit from more than 60 educational sessions. I along with Jimmy Godard will be attending a special Chapter Leaders meeting on October 7. This is a great way to develop our volunteer leaders as well as recognize and reward them for stepping up and giving back to the community.  

Personally, I have been pretty busy with not only my full time job and leading the Chapter but also speaking at various events. In mid-September, I flew to Utah to speak about Leadership to the members of PMI-Northern Utah Chapter. I also spoke at our PMI Portland Chapter Annual Conference. In the month of October, I will be speaking at LIM in Orlando as well as will be teaching the Risk Management class as a part of the PMP Prep Course. I am also flying to India with my family to attend a wedding of my cousin at end of this month. It is going to be an exciting October.

We have a great team of engaged volunteer leaders at PMI Portland Chapter and I am very thankful for that. If you happen to see or meet a volunteer, please thank them for the services they provide to make this Chapter great! I hope to see you at our next Chapter Meeting on October 20 at the Doubletree. You can always get hold of me on Twitter @SabyWaraich.

September 2015

I hope you had a great summer and enjoyed it with your loved ones. I had a great summer as well! First few months in oval office have been fantastic; I have an incredible team of leaders on the Board who are passionate and committed to leading this Chapter. That makes my job as President very easy.

While we took a break from Chapter Dinner Meetings for the last 2 months, the volunteers were busy putting together events, and the new board worked on transition and strategic goals for next year. In fact, we had a full day strategic meeting session for the PMI Portland Chapter Leadership facilitated by our Region 1 mentor Laurel Sim. We outlined 3 major areas of focus:


  • Business Outreach
  • Academic Outreach
  • Community Outreach

Volunteer Management

  • Simplify Volunteer Recruitment & Reporting
  • Volunteer Opportunities
  • Training


  • Use Social Media
  • Communication Plan
  • Engage with members

These areas are relevant to the value we provide to our membership and community. The next step is to come up with SMART goals – stay tuned!

During summer, we also transitioned to a new website and Chapter’s Information Systems. Major benefits to you, our members, include faster automated data feeds from PMI Global, single sign-on with PMI Global, and an improved look and feel to the PMI Portland website. Please visit our site and let me know what you think.

Another big focus has been getting ready for our Annual Conference on September 25 at Red Lion Hotel. If you haven’t already registered, I will encourage you to do so. It is the biggest Project Management conference in Portland Metro area with more than 300 Project Managers attending and learning. This year we are doing it at Red Lion on the River to accommodate a larger audience. Our Keynote speaker Scott Crabtree is also doing a 1 day workshop on October 2 about engaging yourself and others to do work HAPPILY!

We will be getting back to our Chapter Dinner meetings with our meeting on September 15 at Doubletree Hotel. This will be our Annual Business Meeting as well. With the move to a new information system, we have also worked on streamlining some of our processes. We have worked to lower the cost of monthly meetings and to simplify the pricing structure. The Chapter Dinner Meeting price will now include the Educational session, the Meal, and the Keynote presentation. Chapter Members will get 2 PDUs and a dinner for $25!

We are also making our networking events even more fun: PMI Portland Chapter has tickets available to take you, our Chapter members, to aTimbers game and networking event. We’ll take 60 people to this event on October 25. This is great opportunity for our members to get together, network with each other and watch awesome soccer! Foods and Drinks are included in the cost of ticket.

If you are looking for more of an education focus, we are kicking off Fall PMP/CAPM Prep Course in September. As a Chapter Member you get a discount of $250.00 on the regular price. The course is taught by certified PMP instructors that bring the Project Management Book of Knowledge (PMBOK) methodology and real-world experience into focus. Core study material will be covered over seven consecutive weeks with classes on Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

All of these events are put together by Volunteers of your Chapter. If you see a PMI Portland Chapter Volunteer next time, please thank them for the excellent services they provide to our membership.

I am looking forward to an exciting and fun September!

June 2015

I would like to start by congratulating the newly selected board members and also thanking the board members who have agreed to continue for another year. We had a great year under the leadership of our current president Bob Bondaruk. I will be taking over the role of President starting July 1. It is an honor and privilege for me to be the new leader of this great team.

I have been involved with PMI Portland Chapter since 2008. I started volunteering at the registration desk for Chapter Dinner Meetings and then eventually moved on to various roles like Director of Volunteer, VP of Membership, PMP Instructor, Roundtable Host, etc. I continue to serve our members as a PMP Instructor and co-host of the Downtown Roundtable. I think that I have got ten times back from the Chapter for what I have contributed. The Chapter has given multiple ways to give back to the community and is thankful and humble. I would like to quote Winston Churchill:

“We make a living by what we do, but we make a life by what we give.”

I attended the Region 1 conference in April. Region 1 comprises of 16 Chapters from Oregon, Washington, Idaho, British Columbia, Alaska, Alberta etc.. Most of these Chapters consider PMI Portland Chapter as a leader in all the services we provide and the way we connect with our members. I always feel very honored and special whenever I am representing our Chapter at these events. It is possible only because of the dedication and support of our volunteers. I would also like to thank the families of our volunteers for their support as this would not have been possible without their support and commitment.

As a leader, we must lead ourselves first if we are to lead effectively other and set the example for others to follow. Leading a volunteer organization is not easy and is considered to be the toughest role as a Leader. If you want to grow as a leader, try leading a volunteer organization.

My goals for next year will be to continue serve our membership and find new ways to connect and serve them. I also want to make sure that we enjoy our work while leading PMI Portland Chapter. If we are going to be working hard, it better is fun and worthwhile. Our job here will be to deliver results. Everything we do should add value to our membership.

If you want to serve your Project Management Community, want to learn new skills as leader, you are passionate about serving and wants to add value or have suggestions to improve the current services provided to our members, please feel free to connect with me. You can reach me through my email, connect with me on LinkedIn, or follow me on twitter @SabyWaraich





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