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Jake French

french jake2

1/17/2017 - Chapter Meeting Keynote 

"Life Happens. Live It!" (How To Keep Making Progress, No Matter What Happens)

Ever wonder why some people get derailed by the little bumps in the road, while others can go through almost unthinkable challenges and still come out on top? As a project manager, many times the situation you’re brought into is less than ideal. Jake believes that even when the situation might not be the best, who’s to say you can’t be the one that’s known for bringing the best out of each situation. Join Jake for a moving keynote speech where he will share the tools, mindsets, and strategies needed to turn adversity into opportunity, steer clear of burn-out or self-doubt, and create the kind of focus you can use to keep your team moving forward!

Mike Goss

goss mike2

1/17/2017 - Chapter Meeting Education 

The Leadership Secrets of Sergeant Hooper

Many projects under-perform because their team members are disengaged. Sergeant Hooper knew how to motivate each member of his team to dig deep into their soul, to deliver the best work of their career. I know. I was there. This is a story of real people with a real leader, at the height of the Vietnam War. Sergeant Hooper's lessons were important then. They are even more important today. Learn to accomplish more, by being more like Sergeant Hooper.


April Shepherd and Cynthia Kahn

cynthia april

1/20/2017 - Workshop

Learn scrum in one day - prepare for scrum in the real world

We know how much is on the line when you not only have to learn scrum techniques and adopt an agile mindset, but you also have the awesome responsibility to help your team to become more agile too. We get it: You don’t know where to begin. This one-day scrum training ensures everyone who attends leaves with the right tools to develop software applications with agility.  We provide class instruction and hands on exercises that teach you how to help your team achieve objectives. 


Beth Noymer-Levine

noymer beth

2/21/2017 - Chapter Meeting Keynote

Communication: The Missing Link That Connects Mission and Performance

This talk challenges executives and managers to look at their companies mission and values statements and notice the absence of any communication ideals. This is often a stunning revelation. It then encourages the audience to consider the benefits of adopting and modeling the 5 principles of Beth Levine's book Jock Talk as the basis for engendering better communication skills for themselves and their organizations, thereby making their businesses stronger.

 David Barrett

barrett dave

2/21/2017 - Chapter Meeting Education 

The Keys to Our Success - Lessons Learned from 25 of Our Best Project Managers

We brought 25 of the best project managers together and asked them to tell us what it is that makes them so successful? What is the one nugget they take into each and every project that they believe contributes to their success.The results turned into a book entitled "The Keys to Our Success - Lessons Learned from 25 of our Best Project Managers".In this interactive, multi-media session David highlights key chapters that deliver usable tools and techniques that will make us better project managers tomorrow.

 David Barrett

barrett dave

2/22/2017 - Workshop

From a Good Project Manager to a Great Leader

Today’s organizations are looking for tomorrow’s leadership team.  As a good project manager the next step in your career could very well take you to this next level: senior leadership.  This interactive session will put aside the skills and knowledge you need to have to be a good project manager and focus on what you need to be a great leader. Over the course of the day we will explore the gaps between our skills, knowledge and professional attributes and those of famous and local leaders.   In the process we will be develop our new professional strategic plan.  Topics, discussions and exercises will include: strategic planning, Key leadership attributes, leadership styles, how leaders think and work, understanding the business, communicating like a leader, messaging like a leader and more.   


Jason Scott

3/21/2017 - Chapter Meeting Keynote

Extraordinary Leadership in a Matrix World | Communication is a Leadership Tool

Are you tired of hearing that most Projects fail because of poor communication? The frustration you feel is probably because you instinctively understand the following:
• Projects don’t fail, they don’t have a heart beat or social security number. People fail…
• Communication is simply the vehicle we use to lead…
• Blaming failure on communication is the greatest obstacle to addressing the lack of leadership skills that are causing Project failure…
When organizations focus on improving communication they generally add process and guidelines that won’t necessarily improve their Project, Program and Portfolio Managers leadership skills. However, when organizations focus on developing the leadership skills of each of their individual team members…It is much more likely that the Leadership Quotient (LQ) will increase in their organizations leading to fewer failed Projects.

Mike Goss

goss mike2

3/21/2017 - Chapter Meeting Education

The Leadership Secrets of Sergeant Hooper

Many projects under-perform because their team members are disengaged. Sergeant Hooper knew how to motivate each member of his team to dig deep into their soul, to deliver the best work of their career. I know. I was there. This is a story of real people with a real leader, at the height of the Vietnam War. Sergeant Hooper's lessons were important then. They are even more important today. Learn to accomplish more, by being more like Sergeant Hooper.

Neil Potter

potter neil3/24/2017 - Workshop

Truly Managing A Project And Keeping Sane While Wrestling Elegantly With Pmbok, Scrum And Cmmi

When organizations implement Scrum (Agile), they usually experience challenges because Scrum is a framework, not a complete solution. Adding practices from other frameworks, such as PMBOK and CMMI can seem overwhelming. When teams see Agile as a complete process solution (rather than a process framework), then the missing practices add cost, schedule and quality risks back to the project. Teams moving from Waterfall to Agile don’t eliminate risks, they transfer them. When risks are not assessed or mitigated, they become problematic, even chaotic.


Silver Rose

rose silver

4/18/2017 - Chapter Meeting Keynote

How to Delegate Effectively Even If You're Not Officially "In Charge"

Do you wish you knew how to delegate so tasks get done correctly the first time? Do you find it difficult to delegate in situations where you are accountable for the outcome of a team that doesn’t report to you? Would life be easier if your team, your vendors, (your children!) would simply fulfill their responsibilities? In this interactive and humorous program, you will learn the Socratic Delegation Process, a practical and critically important tool that will enable you to assign tasks in a way that (1) avoids the perception of “bossiness,” and (2) ensures they get done correctly the first time. Easily put into play, Socratic Delegation will help you gain the willing cooperation of others and get them to take ownership. Based on Silver’s latest book, The (Incredibly Useful) Book of Delegation, this program has been a favorite at corporations and association meetings across the United States.

April Sheperd and Cynthia Kahn

sheperd and kahn4/18/2017 - Chapter Meeting Education

The GSD Gold Approach To Project Planning

Stop thinking about work breakdown structures and Microsoft Project Plans and start thinking about delivering on release milestones.

Check back for information on upcoming events that are not currently linked to a description page.


Leslie Ruminski

ruminski leslie5/16/2017 - Chapter Meeting Keynote 

The Surprising Power of Liberating Structures: Simple Rules To Unleash A Culture of Innovation

Unwittingly, the conventional structures used to organize how people routinely work together stifle inclusion and engagement. Conventional structures are either too inhibiting (presentations, status reports and managed discussions) or too loose and disorganized (open discussions and brainstorms) to creatively engage people in shaping their own future. They frequently generate feelings of frustration and/or exclusion and fail to provide space for good ideas to emerge and germinate. This means that huge amounts of time and money are spent working the wrong way. More time and money are then spent trying to fix the unintended consequences. Liberating Structures offers an alternative way to approach and design how people work together. It provides a menu ofthirty-three tools to replace or complement conventional practices. Liberating Structures used routinely make it possible to build the kind of organization that everybody wants. They are designed to include everyone in shaping next steps.

John Cvetko

cvetko john5/16/2017 - Chapter Meeting Education

Testing in Agile Environments: A Project Manager's View

This presentation focuses on Software Development and Implementation Lifecycles, test cycle characteristics, testing approaches and automated testing concepts. Understanding the testing landscape will help project managers better develop strategies and tactics to meet the new software project delivery challenges.


Steve Norton
norton steve

6/19-6/22, 2017 - Certification Course

4 Day PMP/CAPM Prep Bootcamp

Prepare for PMP or CAPM certification through the Portland Chapter of the Project Management Institute. Experienced project leaders ready to become certified Project Management Professionals (PMP), and those looking to establish credibility in the application of project management processes as a Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM), will both benefit from this course as they prepare for the Project Management Institute (PMI) examination.

Vanessa Van Edwards

van edwards vanessa6/20/2017 - Chapter Meeting Keynote

The Science of Leadership

Are leaders born or made? In this talk Vanessa explores the latest neuroscience, behavioral economics and psychology research of leadership. Most importantly, Vanessa helps attendees turn the science into practical tips. Whether you are speaking to managers, employees or clients everyone needs to know how to harness the power of leadership. And the science is clear: Leaders have higher interpersonal intelligence. PQ is the new IQ.


Terry Schmidt

schmidt terry6/23/2017 - Worshop

Turning Strategy Into Action

Looking for a better way to get your most critical projects moving quicker? This fast- paced workshop equips you with a powerful interactive thinking system and a step-by- step process to successfully tackle complex problems, projects, issues, and opportunities of all types. 

Learn to apply The Logical Framework Approach (LFA), a breakthrough methodology which systematically links your project to key strategic goals. This fresh approach is absent from conventional Project Management methods and has been called “the missing link.” The LFA combines key concepts from Strategic Planning, Project Management, Risk Analysis, and the Scientific Method into a visual matrix that adds exceptional clarity at the “fuzzy front end” of project design.

After learning the core concepts, you’ll apply them for the topic of your choice. Bring along a real project or performance issue to work on, and you’ll leave with a ready-to-use action strategy. LFA is ideal for rapidly turning cross-functional task forces and other diverse groups into committed and effective teams.

The bottom line: Your projects will start smoother reach their goals faster, and with fewer problems along the way.


Jessica Tidwell, PMP
tidwell jessica

6/26/2017- Chapter Meeting Keynote

Getting the Results You Want - It's All In Your Head!

Managing projects can be brutal. Your project may start off within scope, budget, and timeline, but pretty soon things take a nasty turn and you are left stressed, discouraged, and ineffective. Projects can take a toll on you mentally, physically, and emotionally. The good news is that there are skills that will help you keep your project on track, refocus your project when you get into trouble, and build the relationships you need to get your project across the finish line.


Liz Price, PMP
price liz

6/26/2017 - Chapter Meeting Education 

Championship Traditions - Project Resource Management 

You don't have to be a fan of Nebraska College Football to appreciate the parallels between the struggles of a coach and that of a project manager. This presentation takes the participant through the successes and failures of Nebraska Football relating them to the world of project management resource management. With the unique application of principles the listener steps outside the day to day mindset to approach real life management from a new angle.


Samad Aidane, MSc. PMP

aidane samad10/17/2017 - Chapter Meeting Keynote and Education Speaker

Keynote - Leading with Dignity: The Surprising Truth about Engaging Culturally Diverse Stakeholders

The presentation will introduce a framework for understanding cultural differences based on three distinctive ways in which culture shapes our sense of dignity and the implications for engaging culturally diverse teams and stakeholders. The framework explains why the most consistent underlying source of conflict, in culturally diverse teams, is linked to perceived “dignity violations” and the role dignity plays in shaping how individuals from different cultures approach delegating, making decisions, reaching agreements, giving feedback, and resolving conflict.
You will gain fresh insights to help you examine your culturally learned assumptions about dignity and an understanding of the essential skills needed to adapt your communication and leadership styles to the needs and demands of cross-cultural environments

Education - Neurodiversity: How Culture Shapes the Brain and Implications for Leading Across Cultures

The more we learn about the brain, the more validation science is giving that 'one-size-fits-all' approach to leadership is no longer sufficient to effectively engage an increasingly diverse, multicultural, and international array of business stakeholders. More than ever before, the capacity to manage and leverage cultural differences is becoming an increasingly important skill for individuals at all levels of the organization and especially at the managerial and senior leadership level. The presentation will provide an understanding of the essential findings from the growing body of research in the fields of cultural neuroscience demonstrating the substantial degree to which culture shapes how the brain processes social experience in the context of collaboration. The aim is to move participants beyond the simple dos and don’ts of cultural awareness to a more in-depth understanding of cultural differences and their implications for leading across cultures.


Dr. Tugrul Daim

Daim Tugrul11/21/2017 - Chapter Meeting Keynote 

Technology Roadmapping

Technology roadmapping is a comprehensive approach for strategy planning to integrate science/technological considerations into product and business aspects as well as to provide a way to identify new opportunities in achieving a desired objective from the development of new technologies. The roadmapping approach is flexible, and can support many different strategic aims, where there is a need to align different functional strategies or organizational perspectives (for example, markets, products, services, technology and resources). While the dominant term is ‘technology’ roadmapping (due to the historical roots of the approach), ‘strategic’, ‘innovation’, ‘business’ or ‘industry’ roadmapping are perhaps more appropriate given the potential uses of the method.

Nanu Iyer

iyer nanu11/21/2017 - Chapter Meeting Education

Creating and communicating a culture of inclusion in politically divisive times

For the most part employees know that their organization expects that conversations and activities not related to work shouldn't make them lose focus or get detracted from their "real" work. However, employees have a right to discuss "issues" that they think may directly affect their working conditions. Educating and communicating with co-workers on how others might perceive their rhetoric might help in alleviating some of these issues. Project managers should be cautious in that none of their communication initiatives alienate their co-workers.


Joe Brewer III
brewer joe

12/19/2017 - Chaper Meeting Keynote

Blockchain: An Emergent and Disruptive Technology that will impact Projects All Over!

Blockchain (BC) and DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology) is an emergent and disruptive technology rapidly pushing through the Gartner’s hype cycle. Multiple efforts are underway from some major companies in the technology ecosystem to migrate systems, concepts, technologies, and verticals into a new method of transactions, based on a “frictionless” system.

Come learn how Smart Contracts will get implemented, tracked, and evolve. Learn current efforts underway in this space to push changes in how we work, bank, buy, sell, exchange, move materials, supply chain and more. If it changes hands, BC & DLT will touch it!

Tom Jackson 

jackson tom12/19/2017 - Chapter Meeting Education

Careful planning leads to success or failure, whether it is in business or for a 3 month adventure riding a motorcycle from Portland to the tip of South America 

Attention to detail can work well with schedules, costs, and equipment, but the right people can make or break any plan. This presentation uses photos and commentary to describe a 3 month trip in 2016 from Portland, Oregon to Ushuaia, Tierra Del Fuego.


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