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Chapter Meeting 2016-09

Chapter Meeting

September 20, 2016

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Leading Change - One Thing That Will Remain the Same Change will Continue to Occur, with John Canfield

Educational Presentation

Why Bother Measuring Change? with Nick Anderson

Keynote Presentation

Leading Change - One Thing That Will Remain the Same Change Will Continue to Occur

As it’s been said, “The future’s not what it used to be.”  We experience change every day. In business, in our communities, in our homes, in our churches. Often change has a bad rap. We are creatures of comfort and don’t mind things staying the same for a while so we can enjoy the good times, enjoy a rest, not have to think about it.

Competitiveness Requires Improvement. But we live in a competitive world. Commerce is now global and for us to succeed we must be able to compete with, better exceed, our competition in providing products and services to our global markets. A competitive world is a changing world. New products, new services, new attractions to the customers to improve market share and profitability. To complete we must improve. To improve we must change. To change we must start doing something new, and stop what we have been doing that doesn’t help anymore.

One way to think about this has us deliberately substituting “improvement” for “change” at every chance. When we can operationalize improvement (change), when we can improve first and faster that our competitors, then we are acting proactively to secure our future.

About the Speaker

canfield john

John Canfield is an experienced business executive and coach who has been trained to facilitate a wide variety of planning, improvement, and innovation processes. John has thirty years of experience working and consulting in a wide variety of organizations around the world. John has developed 20+ original seminars and presented more than 1000 seminars and facilitated meetings to 120+ clients in North America, the Caribbean, Europe, and Asia.

Educational Presentation

Why Bother Measuring Change?

Most of our 1000+ survey contributors do measure change, but:
•37% either don’t measure change or
•Don’t know if they do or 
•Feel that measuring change is too difficult

So, here’s some evidence why this is worth struggling with. For example, learning is the most mentioned benefit of measuring change (27.1%). Yet, if this is so important then why the lack of focus on vehicles like coaching, mentoring and training to capitalize on this learning.Another striking disconnect is the low numbers of those who see benefits of measuring change’s impact on marketing and customers. This is curious, as our contributors' most common reason for losing customers is not price but poor quality (92.2%), poor follow-up by sales people (76.5%) and making the wrong assumptions about customers (64.5%). After detailed analysis, it would seem that the relationship between change and competitive advantage is not as clearly visualized as one might think. In addition, the use of employee metrics including personal performance, resistance to change, improvement to company culture and understanding our purpose, are low compared to satisfaction surveys. Most concerning is the lack of focus on individual behavioral change and tracking pay-related rewards. This is further evidence of little focus on accountability and establishing a requiring environment. Overall, there needs to be more focus on developing effective change metrics. 
The challenge is: How well do your change metrics accelerate learning, problem solving and decision making?

So, What Questions do Change Metrics Need to Answer, for:
•Navigating during a Change? 
•Reviewing a Change?
•Planning the Next Change?

Agreeing on those questions which the team needs to answer then informs decisions on what current metrics could be put to good use and which new ones are needed.Actionable Value for this presentation covers using a new questionnaire to start validating which questions are most important for your organization.

About the Speaker

anderson nickNick Anderson has diverse experience in managing and leading effective change. After leading behavioural research, productivity and change management projects over 30 years he has a deep understanding of what takes to lead major human capital projects that produce valued results.
Nick has led sales behavioral and organizational alignment research in large financial service, telecoms, construction and IT clients. He is co-author of “Focusing Change to Win” which distills over 1000 business leaders and change consultants comments of when and how they lead change across 80 countries and 19 industry sectors. He also has an extensive blog focusing on managing change for competitive success which includes many of his radio programs “Walk the Talk Radio for Agile Minds”

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Chicken Roulade
Black Bean and Corn Cake (vegetarian)

Banana Cake Dessert


Doubletree Lloyd Center, 1000 NE Multnomah, Portland, Oregon

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