2017 Annual Conference Technical Track

This track focuses on the knowledge, skills and behaviors related to specific domains of project, program and portfolio management or the technical aspects of performing one’s job/role.

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Terri Carbone

carbone terriTerri Carbone is a dynamic, forward-thinking manager with more than 25 years of experience delivering successful projects and programs across a range of business sectors including technology, healthcare, and aerospace and defense.

Terri has successfully delivered hundreds of projects, several of which were deemed, "cannot be done". Terri’s secret lies in her ability to nurture the strengths of team members and to provide effective guidance to lead teams toward their strategic goals. Terri believes in understanding the value each team member brings to the table, and nurturing their efforts. Terri seeks out each person's strengths and guides them toward the strategic goals in the vision of leadership with clarity often while having lot of fun. 

Find her online at www.successfulprojectsponsorship.com and on LinkedIn.

Risk Management Made Fun and Highly Effective

Have you ever gotten into a big delay or problem with a project and had someone say to you, “I knew that would happen”? When designing projects, organizations often overlook all potential risks. When gathering risk information, the team leaders often forget to ask all key stakeholders, thereby missing preemptive risk mitigation opportunities.

How can we prevent this? How can we get team members to interact, laugh and enjoy themselves while openly addressing 40+ risks? Through active involvement of key stakeholders in identifying risk, and timely mitigation of risks in our projects in a fun and effective way.

This workshop will take you on a treasure hunt that you can share at the beginning of each project. The result will be your own Risk Workshop that people will enjoy, openly participate in, and will result in excellent mitigation strategies and lead to more successful projects.

Presentation Outcomes:

  • Exceptional Risk identification
  • Tremendous stakeholder involvement
  • Fun and team building

Ken Loewen

loewen ken editedAs Director of Client Solutions for Advisicon, Inc., a project and portfolio management consultancy based in Vancouver WA, Ken helps clients boost their project management efficiencies by optimizing their processes and technologies, creating measurable results that empower them and their organizations. Ken received his PMP credential in 2000 and maintains current credentials as a Certified Public Accountant, Certified Management Accountant, and Chartered Global Management Accountant. He has worked in technical and strategic project management for over 20 years.

Microsoft's Project, Program, and Portfolio Management solutions are growing in number. Should you stick with the hometown favorite or is there a new kid on the block that can help you address your organization's various project management challenges?  Join one or more of the presentations below to learn more.

Presentations & Outcomes:

  • Cutting through the Clutter - Understanding the Broad Set of Project, Program, and Portfolio Management Solutions Available from Microsoft

Office 365 Planner, Project Online and Project Server, SharePoint, OneNote, and Dynamics CRM's Project Service -  Attendees will learn key functional capabilities that distinguish the various tools and some of the licensing provisions that may simplify stepping up to a higher-capability tool for even the smallest PM shops.

  • An Overview of Strategic Portfolio Selection and Analysis Technology

Attendees will learn about the capabilities in the Microsoft Project Server for prioritizing project proposals, relative to a project's impact on the organization's drivers of business success, and how to analyze the impact of cost and resource constraints on the prioritized projects.

  • Building Insightful Project and Portfolio Dashboards with Power BI

Attendees will become familiar with the process of developing dashboards that present real-time project status to project and portfolio managers, the PMO, and senior stakeholders based on information the PM is already maintaining in Microsoft Project Online and SharePoint project sites.

  • Visio Best Practices in Mapping Processes & Requirements

Project Managers to Business Analysts rely on Visio for ensuring a thorough understanding of business requirements, and technical teams use it in their development process. Attendees will learn tips, tricks, and shortcuts to make and present great visuals for a wide range of stakeholders.

Bert Martin, MBA, PfMP, PMP, BRMP

martin bertBert has been building and managing project portfolio practices for the past 10 years and is one of only 400 people worldwide to hold PMI’s Portfolio Management (PfMP) certification.  He specializes in IT portfolios but has developed portfolios for several other departments across numerous industries.  For the past two and a half years he has been the IT Portfolio Manager at Portland General Electric.  Bert, his wife, and three kids live in Vancouver, WA and he is a self-confessed home automation geek.

Kevin Williamson, PMP

williamson kevinKevin has managed projects and taught project management on multiple continents across a variety of industries, including Aerospace, Architecture, Biotechnology, Energy, Engineering, Financial Services, Film Production, Food Processing, IT, Hardware and Software Manufacturing, Product Development, Semiconductors, Utilities, and Wind Energy.  For the last five years, he has been a Senior Project Manager in Portland General Electric’s IT PMO. He brings decades of seasoned project management insights, a sense of humor, and a measured enthusiasm for technology. Kevin and his wife and three children love the Pacific Northwest and enjoy the mountains all year long and travelling to sunnier places.

Integrating Risk and Issue Reporting from Project to Portfolio Levels

with Bert Martin and Kevin Williamson

Come learn how PGE’s IT PMO has integrated risk and issue reporting from the project to the enterprise portfolio levels.
Bert Martin, PGE Portfolio Manager, and Kevin Williamson, PGE Senior Project Manager, will share PGE's IT PMO journey from “What happened to our project last summer” to “What happened and will happen on our project”.

Learn how the PMO went from MS Word-based project reports that were providing 1-2-month-old ‘What Happened’ updates to integrated, online, enterprise reporting on risks and issues at the project and portfolio levels. Hear and see how both past performance and future forecast data is being used to help stakeholders more effectively understand and support projects with more consistent and useful risk and issue intelligence.

Participants will learn: 

  • Disadvantages of static, text file-based project reports vs. online reporting systems 
  • The differences between risk and issue reporting focused on past performance and reporting that focuses on trends and forward-looking forecasts
  • Understand how to standardize reporting across projects to create data that is less subjective and more useful to help stakeholders to understand and support project and portfolio risk and issue management 
  • How to move to an integrated, online, enterprise risk and issue reporting at the project and portfolio levels

Ben Newbill

newbill benBen is an Account Manager and Sr. Technical Recruiter with 10+ years of experience, specializing in IT and software development recruiting in the Northwest region. Daily, Newbill interacts with CEOs, CTOs and HR experts from 300+ Portland area companies, and brings together a wealth of knowledge and insights into the Portland’s tech industry trends and hiring processes.

Ben’s passion is to help people create the reality they want through their career aspirations by understanding their core values, passions, and provide perspective throughout the process. Ben has a wife and two daughters (9, 2). He has a growing interest to serve non-profits.

Job Search & Career Advancement!

Interactive/collaborative style presentation with 2 speakers (Ben Newbill along with COO or CEO of a small company)

Expect to learn:

  • Insights on hiring process from recruiting for 300+companies (IT/Software jobs in Portland area).
  • Applicable tips to prepare for successful interviews--questions to ask the hiring manager, what to expect, how to win.
  • Tips to create effective resumes based on what employers are looking for.
  • How do clients think? I talk daily with CEOs, CTOs, and HR. I am in their head.

Presentation Outcomes:

The learner will become more familiar with how companies think throughout the hiring process (CEO, CTO, HR). The audience will gain perspective on how to tailor their resume based on what the companies want to see.  The presentation will provide practical tips for successful interviews to attain one’s dream career.

Dr. Richard Sperry

sperry richardDr. Richard (Dick) Sperry is president of Sperry Management Consulting Corporation, a leading research firm in project management, quality assurance, stakeholder analysis, and risk management. He is also a published author and an Adjunct Assistant Professor and Fellow Researcher at Portland State University, Department of Engineering and Technology Management. He has a Ph.D. in Technology Management, a Masters in Engineering and Technology Management, and a Bachelors in Computer Science. He is a PMP with more than 25 years in Project and Functional Management. He also provides quality assurance oversight and risks assessment for large, high-risk information technology projects. His current research is focused on how highly innovative organizations understand the challenges of adaptive project management. Through this research, Sperry is developing a novel stakeholder analysis methodology using fuzzy cognitive mapping that systematically captures and models stakeholder views.

Fuzzy Cognitive Mapping: A Systems Modeling Approach to Project Stakeholder Analysis

Misunderstanding the impact of project outcomes on stakeholders can be detrimental to your project’s success. Resulting project impacts can cause the schedule to slip and increase costs. Complex and dynamic stakeholder values and interests call for the use of a system that simplifies the relationship between stakeholder and project outcomes. This presentation examines Fuzzy Cognitive Mapping (FCM), a systems modeling approach to stakeholder analysis. By integrating these diverse perspectives, management can accurately evaluate the impact of technology and product concepts on stakeholder interests, thus ensuring their decisions are technologically and socially acceptable.

Presentation Outcomes:

  • Understand stakeholders’ values and interests through the use of causal modeling (FCM).
  • Translate cognitive models into a FCM model and understand how the values and interests of stakeholders differ or align with other stakeholders.
  • Learn how to use FCM simulation to see how conflicts between stakeholder interests and the project objective can be potentially resolved through sensitivity analysis. 

New Horizons

New Horizons imageNew Horizons Computer Learning Centers, Inc., a subsidiary of New Horizons Worldwide, Inc., is the world’s largest independent IT training company with 300 centers in 70 countries. Our worldwide business strategy focuses on continued worldwide expansion to meet the ever-increasing demands of the technology evolution. Innovative, award-winning learning methods such as Online LIVE® and Mentored Learning® have revolutionized the way students learn, retain and apply new knowledge.

Presentations & Outcomes:

Training Labs – Microsoft Project 2016 (Fundamentals and Advanced)

  • Session 1: Defining a Project (Fundamentals)
  • Session 2: Adding and Importing Tasks (Fundamentals)
  • Session 3: Updating Progress in a Project Plan  (Advanced)
  • Session 4: Controlling a Project Plan  (Advanced)

These instructor-led training labs have been selected from lessons in the New Horizons MS Project 2016 Part 1 and 2 training curriculum to give students hands-on experience in some key areas of basic and more advanced project management.

  • Sessions 1 and 2 (from Part 1): will give the student a fundamental understanding of Microsoft Project 2016 necessary to create a project and work with basic tasks.
  • Sessions 3 and 4 (from Part 2): will give the student advanced knowledge and skills a project manager needs to update progress and control a project plan.

The complete curriculum for Part 1 and Part 2 MS Project 2016 is available on the New Horizons website.

Speaker information by track

Keynote  |  Strategy  |  Leadership  |  Technical    |  Agile  |  Business Analysis


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